IMG_0452Morning ladies! And gentlemen (there are quite a few now, considering I have proved myself to be a bit more cooler than I seem with all the high-key-whites)! How do you do-be-do?

If you are still cold and under spell, come on in and get comfy at ours ‘coz winter has officially left the building. We have put our blankets away yesterday and have come down to soft duvets that prods you to stop the alarm. The sun is bright, the air is balmy, it’s not too hot and little flowers have started to show their tiny little heads. What does that tell you?


And in this house, no spring goes away without seeing a wee new plant or two. Started by grandmum, its now a ritual in here. Like a lot of you plant paper whites, for us its succulents. Every spring we get home a succulent or two, plant it before the 1st of Feb and enjoy it grow and flower till September end. Of course, the winter in India is not too harsh for it to die after september but somehow after september, its growth is redundant. They thrive best in the hot months!

IMG_0450My sister in law showed me this wonderful idea of cutting plastic bottles and making it into a planter that looks like a wine glass. For Spring planting 2013, I wanted to do a similar thing. But hey, guess what I found?

One last standing wine glass, below my kitchen storage which was kept for throwing/giving away, considering its set is broken.

Not too hard to guess the proceeding there of.

I painted the stem and base with a glossy black

Filled it with potting soil (Potting soil is not your regular soil. It’s more porous and suitable for indoor planting where you wouldn’t have to water it all the time)

Shoveled a succulent stem and stuck it with roots

Placed it beside my beachy vignette to compliment the little end table decor in my wannabe beach house.

IMG_0445All I need to do now is wait and watch it flower.

This plant gives out tiny violet flowers with yellow centers. pretty huh?

Feels good to be back, blogging and crafting and doing the lovable usual.


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7 thoughts on “Spring Planting: Planting Succulents in Wine Glass Planter”

  1. That. Looks. Awesome! As you know, I’ve planted quite a few plants in mugs before, but what a great idea this is, Rukmini! *goes off to search for a wine glass we’re not using anymore*

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