IMG_0481Holla Amigo!

Mucho Gracias lovelies for following this blog and giving me so much love over the past few weeks. This blog feels like a celebrity, suddenly! From a ‘whatever-it-takes-to-kill-time’ space to a space that I look forward to- this blog has clearly evolved over the years.

And to celebrate my, wait, 3 years of blogging career, I have a classic.

Trumatter’s signature makeover with buckets of white paint and pale blue and beach prints. How interested are you in this self proclaimed genius-ness?

IMG_0480You know what I think? There is nothing that fabric glue cant sort. You have a torn tee? Fixed. You have a badly gashed drape? Fixed. You need to give an old chair some new life? Assured. Need to mend a broken heart? You never know unless you try.

An old set of pajama, some white paint and some fabric glue is all it took for me to breathe some new life into an old, orthodox chair.

Here’s the before and after:

CollageI could like go on and on as to how I carefully did every step but I won’t. Because it was easy and I didn’t. The only difficult part was to convince husband- he thought the stars and the fabric in whole was in his word, “****all”. Obviously once it was done, he was “oh! that looks nice”. Tell me who’s the real Osaka?

The seats and back rest was attached to the chair by means of screws which can be easily opened. The whole chair is kind of a pipey thing which also folds.

On a bright Saturday promising morning, I took it upon myself to fix this mismatch in my super white home.

I opened the seats and back rest and painted the chair with old white- 2 coats. I used spray paint because I am impatient.

Next, I cut of an old torn pajama, the fabric of which I really liked and did the upholstering.

Collage2I didn’t open its old cover but fitted the fabric on top of it with fabric glue.

Another reason apart from convenience as to why I used fabric glue is, I can change the cover according to seasons. Nails would have been a good option but opening them everytime might spoil the wood beneath.

Once the seat was set, I set the screws and it was good to go.

How easy was that and what a great deal of difference did it make in that corner where it used to brood alone in its brown self.

IMG_0475I also sanded the corners and sides a bit to make it look old.

All in all- Classic win!

What do you think? Likey?

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15 thoughts on “That’s A Classic: Beach House Chair Makeover”

  1. who knew that glue and blue were all WOOHOO? not moi, anywho. i love it. i love the stars. and i love your honeymoon tude. keep it going. keep aiming for the stars. and sprinkling cyber fairy dust. it reaches remote places you’ll never even be aware of. plus it’s honorable to be a sprinkler. love to you, lovely bride.


  2. How easy that is, Rukmini, and it turned out so beautifully! Never would’ve thought of this for a chair, but this seems like a great way to re-purpose those old jammies/clothes I used to love but grown out of.

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