IMG_0980Welcome to Trumatter. Now that all the hoping and hype and ‘Oh-My-God-I-cant-concentrate-what-if-I-Lose’ is over, we can get back to some real deal in here. This time, its a super easy Baklava Recipe that you can make in a cup: A recipe specially created for all the lazy souls out there who would love a cup of Baklava, as fast as possible with minimum efforts.   Sounds good to you? Read along then…IMG_0986For those who are not aware of what a Baklava {also pronounced as Baaklava and Bakleva} is: it’s one of the best desserts that the Mediterranean has ever produced. I think it originated in Turnkey, considering it gets its name from the Otoman Empire, but who cares as long as you can dig in! Another beautiful thing about Baklava is it comes in many shapes and filling which gives you the courage to play around a bit with it. But no matter what filling you use, the seasoning is just the same: 1tsp CNC {cinnamon, nutmeg, clove}


Not so long ago, I had a deal with a super-sweet girl at work: she wanted to pay me for a pendant that I had made for her and I wanted no money. So we negotiated on she bringing me ‘something nice’ (Read: phyllo pastry because that’s not readily available where I stay). Then months passed and I totally forgot about the deal. Who knew the other didn’t! Much to my surprise last week, this bubbly thing walks in the office and hands me a bag of phyllo pastry: apparently, she went to shop for her brother’s wedding and chanced upon a shop that keeps these. Such a sweet girl. Her name is Shreni Sapani and the baklava is dedicated to her.


Now, I know a Baklava uses rich dry fruits and no saffron but I have always been the one to twist tales. Last Sunday, I came home with a goodie bag from the awards function and it had a box of finest saffron. I knew it had to go somewhere special {I initially thought of making chicken with saffron} and there could have been no better way! It tasted so good that I had Baklava 3 days in a row- making fresh batches each time- and loved it everytime.

Here’s the Recipe for Baklava in a cup

You’ll need phyllo sheets, cut in squares about 14-16

Melted, unsalted butter- about 3 tbsp

Dry fruit crush {Almonds, peanuts, pistachhio}: 2 tbsp {you can crush and keep and it’ll stay for months}

Caster sugar/confectioners sugar: 2 tbsp

Plain sugar: 1/2 cup

Saffron: A pinch of + a pinch for garnishing

1tsp CNC {Cinnamon/Nutmeg/Clove}

How to make Baklava in a Cup

Step 1

a) You’ll start by buttering the cup and dividing the phyllo sheets in 2 equal halves. If you have taken 16, 8 for base, 8 for covering.

b) Next, mix the dry fruit crush, CNC and caster sugar and keep aside

c) In a sauce pan, add 1/2 cup plain sugar and 1/2 cup water with a pinch of saffron. Keep it to boil while you prep your phyllo base.

d) To make the base, stack sheets of phyllo in the cup by brushing each one with melted butter.  You can simply place one on top of the other or go around the cup for a round shaped Baklava. Upto you really! Use all 8 sheets. Brush the top with melted butter.

e) Pour in the dry fruit mixture, a pinch of saffron and stack the other half of phyllo, exactly how you’ve for the base.

f) Brush top with milk {or egg wash}.

g) Preheat at 300 and bake at 180 for about 15 or until the top is beautifully golden.

Step 2

While your baklava is baking, check on your sugar syrup. It should not be too thick, not too runny either. To know if it’s of the right consistency, do the thread test. Put a drop of the sugar syrup on a cold surface and see whether its sticky but doesn’t form a thread between your finger and the surface. Or touch the syrup with a clean forefinger and then touch your thumb and forefinger together and pull apart gently.

Put on your mittens, take the cup out and pour the saffron laden sugar syrup on it. Let it rest for 30 minutes before you serve. Or, in this case: EAT.

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