IMG_1009Well, what’s up! How have you been holding up in your nest? We have a Vintage Egg Basket DIY and I have a feeling you’ll love it! With the husband off for a week to Chennai with the ILs and me here in Mumbai: I’m holding up like a bored spinster, foofing things and furniture and eating out of the packet. I have given myself a week off cooking and I’d eat anything that requires me to not cook. Apples and Bananas have come home with me. Bread and chutneys too along with oranges and grapes. Oh, and of course- Wine- the nectar of Gods. I’ll be drinking and singing and eat desserts for dinner and do a lot of unnecessary whitewashing and live a wannabe artists dirty home life until the husband and my perfect married life returns 😉 Oh, how I miss him. He completes me. When he is serious, he is borderline adorable.

Anyway, not to deviate from our interesting DIY Vintage Egg Basket- yeah, count something that has been made from a Rat trap {New of course and no rat has ever laid its tiny feet in here}- if you are doing nothing and have a knack for vintage egg baskets or all things vintage, come on in. We are about to begin!

IMG_1016Not so long ago I was looking for vintage egg baskets online and I had to be very disappointed at the rates. ₹1200 for an old egg basket? I mean I’ll pay 1200 bucks for something I really think its worth…I’m not really very ‘Indian’ when buyer behavior is concerned. But for a rusted egg basket- no way. Not if it doesn’t come from Akbar’s kitchen. So what do you do when obnoxious rates put you off? You Do It Yourself. And there begins disappointment no.2.


Powai, Vashi, KK, Andheri, APMC, Janta Market {People’s market} and online combined couldn’t give me an egg basket in a reasonable rate. After having walked my soles off, I bought a Rat Trap and came home. The first reaction: “Umm Roy, we have no rats”. Me: “It’s alright. I have plans.”


After all, there is nothing that your head, a pair of gloves and white paint can’t do. After so many years of selling ideas, its time I executed them as well.


Here’s how I turned a mouse trap into a vintage egg basket.

1. With a plier take out springs or anything that’s inside the cage. It’s fixed pretty DIY too so there is not much hassle

2. 2 coats of paint and 2 days drying time. You can use spray paint or a brush like me.

3. Take a small aluminium rectangle {available at all hardware} about 4″ by 2″ {length and breadth respectively} and give it a coat of paint. You’ll be painting on this. I’ll be calling it “Tag” hereon.

4. Once your Tag is dry, paint over it. I also distressed it with a rough cloth for an old look. If you are no good at painting- here are my ideas on what you can do- a) Modgepodge b) Vinyl Stickers c) Glitter d) Cut letters in newspaper and then modgepodge e) Buy an enamel tag

5. Punch a hole in your aluminium tag and secure your tag to the egg basket with wire. I simply created a hook and hung it, then tightened it with a plier.

6. And now, you are ready!


Breadbasket & Cushion from who by no means sponsored this to me; the too good blogadda guys however sent winners vouchers of the same to redeem. We had a choice of buying anything and this is what I chose. I’ll give you a quick look of my spring home (you can read more in the home space) and say goodbye for now! Okay?


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10 thoughts on “Spring Decorating Vintage Egg Basket Win”

  1. hey i could not figure out the tag bit. also why does it look silver if u r coloring it white. but definitely innovative and so much better than the plastic monstosities

      1. that part I got. What I don’t understand is what is the function or utility of the tag. And can one skip this step, Also do you not refrigerate your eggs. Many people don’t but what about the egg racks present in each fridge.

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