Aimee from Twigg Studios made a bunch of beautiful paper hydrangeas in blue- a craft I just couldn’t resist!

I love Hydrangeas. Back in the dreamy hill days, hydrangeas frequented our little beach themed cottage in brass flower pots or bright cups if it were to be put in the porch. We grew with them and also grew them from cuttings, and they were everywhere! In shades of pink, lime green and pale pink. You know…happy days!

In Bombay, I’d sell my soul to you if you can make them survive. From dipping cuttings in rooting hormones to trying to make it grow roots in water- I’ve tried and miserably failed. Apart from short lived blooms (which came with the cuttings) I’ve had nothing. Them blasted hydrangeas…

This was a great way to have them- Forever!

Aimee in her blog has done it in a slightly different way- you can see it all here.

I (the lazy bum central) chose an easy way out and it worked just fine. Here’s how:


Parchment paper


Wooden Skewers

Fake leaves

Water colors if you want a colored one


Cut strips of parchment paper- about 3″ wide and 30 cm long

Fold them in squares (Follow the collage above)

Once if you have fold them in squares, draw flowers- 4 petal or 5 petal, up to you. Draw the flowers on the center and cut them out- remember, we want individual flowers, not connected to each other. So keep some margin.

Once you have lots and lots of flowers, string two in each skewer.

Pierce the centers of each with the sharp end and pull them towards the base end. That way you’ll have a concave structure too.

Repeat the entire process until you have a bunch you absolutely adore!


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18 thoughts on “DIY Paper Hydrangeas”

  1. They are beautiful. I can’t even believe you attempted this. You’re so patient. Hydrangeas could never grow here as they take too much water.

    1. Hahaha..Tammy, tell you what even I cant believe I actually attempted this. You know Im the lazy sorts 🙂
      Thank you 🙂 They dont grow here either… like don’t even show signs of surviving.

  2. Love! They’re so beautiful I think I need to make some, pinning this. Thanks for coming by “the mansion”.

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