1794615_10152206298617558_1510351957_nYes, ladies and gentlemen…yours truly is now the proud owner of blogadda blog awards “best art, craft & design blog in India.” Wait! What? Really? In India? Like the whole thing? Whole of India? Pinch me harder.

Because I thought I’d never win- my dress was simple. I was too shy of wearing anything fancy for i might return empty handed.  But this is not too bad is it?

1800306_599080683508535_1224842207_nhere’s a closer look.

Im on cloud 9!

So yeah, more white paint and junk stuff is coming..you ready?


Category : DIY

12 thoughts on “And @trumatter is the Winner Of Blogger’s Award…”

  1. I am looking for the LOVE button on this one. It has been such fun to watch you grow. I told you from the very beginning that you were on to something!

    1. 🙂 yes u have seen me grow. From nothing to where i am today… happy that i cud keep up to ur expectation. And thank u for believing in me.:)

  2. This is such exciting news! I shall run around telling everyone I know the best blogger in all of India. I wouldn’t worry about the clothes because you look very pretty.

  3. Oh my I am so happy for you! You must be thrilled!!!! Oh my sweet Rukmini you are so deserving of this award…and you dressed was fine. Be kind to yourself and let yourself know how truly special you are!

    1. Thank you Cath. You make me feel so loved 🙂 Well, I have no choice but to be kind to myself 😛 I could have dressed well but now that doesn’t matter.

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