Morning Ladies! How’s it cooking? I thought it’s been a while that we did some good food talk in here. So, today it will be a very easy chicken stir fry recipe that you can make in minutes. We will proceed then. Yeah?

My sister is an exceptional cook. If fancy takes her she can possibly cook herself through Cordon Bleu without the slightest of hesitation. But she has a problem. The problem is she cannot explain or as I would tell her, “You don’t want to”. I mean come on, how can you not prove (a+b)^2 = a^2+2ab+b^2 when you know the formula? I’ll tell you where I’m coming from.

Last to last weekend we were at my sister’s, me and Rohan, and she prepared this wonderful starter that we literally licked clean in some 8 minutes. It was as I would say a food lover’s delight. Obviously, I asked her for the recipe, as i need different starters on weekends and she told me so too. Happy and excited I did some grocery shopping the next day and prepped myself up for cooking- We thought we’d have it for dinner with homemade cheese garlic bread. But to my utter disappointment, what I ended up with a big mass of gooey-chicken-y-saucey- something that tastes like the chicken had been drunk on soy sauce before it gave its life away and the vegetables followed him weeping sour tears. Jeee! Poor guy, struggled through it without a word. And when I asked him, how is it, he told me it was wonderful but just that it was a bit gooey. But come on, I’m a seasoned cook and all with rolled up sleeves. I knew in the heart of hearts that I royally screwed it. But how could I? Something went wrong or went missing. And you know whom to catch to get the inside story right?

Oh yeah! My sister’s most trusted house help and chamber maid and part time nanny to my niece etc etc. I cornered her this Saturday at my sisters and held a knife to her throat and asked her: “What went into the chicken?”. Hahaha. Well, not really, but yes, I did corner her and asked her as to what exactly did she cut for the chicken stir fry that my sissy made? And like an open book she revealed the secrets. How I love her. I made her show me the sauces (my sister never told me she put in that garlic sauce! See!) and also made her go and buy them for me from the store they frequent. She was more than happy to.

And that night, I finally achieved what I wanted to. Perfectly cooked, cubed, soft, tangy chicken in a sweet and hot sauce with hints of garlic. The man finally said: “You know, the one you cooked the other day, it was Bull****.” Ah well, not like I didn’t know.

So, here my friend is the recipe for chicken stir fry, unedited, uncensored and revealed as it is. Good for you you didn’t have to hold a knife to a poor lady’s throat. *smiles*


Bell peppers: 1 cup, cut in strips

Green onion: 1 cup, cut in strips

Garlic: 3 pods, sliced

Onions: 3, small, peeled

Broccoli: 1 cup, cut in florets

Baby corn: 1/2 cup (optional)


Sweet chilly sauce: 1 tbsp

Dark soy: 1 tbsp

garlic Sauce: 1/2 tbsp

Green chilly sauce: 1/2 tbsp

Olive oil: 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Chicken: 2 cups, cubed and boneless


heat olive oil in a wok

When the oil is smoking hot, reduce the flame and drop in your chicken. cover and cook them till light golden. Remember not to over cook or it will become hard. Should take you about a minute or two.

Uncover and add garlic. Toss well and add your veggies. Toss the entire content again and cook for about a minute.

Now, follow with your sauces. any order is fine as long as you’re putting dark soy the last. Also follow addition of each sauce with a bit of tossing or stirring. This helps in mixing the flavors well. Cover cook for 30 seconds and not more. You dont want your vegetables to get soggy.

Poke a skewer through your chicken and see whether its cooked. Once the chicken is done, season your stir fry with salt and serve hot with bread or noodles. Or even better, some beer.


The Tru-cook signs off

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  1. i don’t have chicken,
    but trust me this almost made me wanna have it 🙂
    it looks amazing

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