Hey there! How is it crafting? This will be a short post owing to deadlines that I need to meet- I have to write a webpage on egg donation and IVF treatment and the minimum word limit of which should be 650 words and should be very very technical. Then I shall have to move on to a fabric release for a fashion designer and then I shall have to move onto a web content again for a digi solution agency. Talk about variety being the spice of life.

When I moved into this house, the wire Chandy I made got crumpled under the furniture during moving and I soon realized that even if I make a replica of the same, its going to meet a similar fate as I’ll have to move again in the next 1o months. What I needed was a quick and yet simple DIY chandy idea that is both strong and aesthetically delicate. I needed a Drum Chandelier.

Drum Chandy for less than 5$

I bought a sheet of 30″ mesh wire (Rs. 50 or approx 1$) and rolled it to a drum shape.

I used the free ends of the wires sticking out to bind the over lapping section. Just see where the free ends meet and with the help of a plier simply twist the free straight wire ends to form a hook and hook it to the adjacent squares. You’ll get it. It’s easy.

Next, twist all the free ends inside so that it hurts no one

Attach a horizontal chain cutting the circle in half

Next, attach a longer chain to the center hook of the previous chain. (2$ for the chain)

Wrap fairy lights around it and take the end wire that is to be connected to the electrical socket, through the chain. (1$)

Connect with the help of a tester and a screwdriver.

Also, make sure you are wearing gloves all time and switch the main off while establishing a connection.

(Labour: 1 $ ;P)


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10 thoughts on “Mesh Drum Chandelier for less than 5$”

  1. Looks great. Funny that you started off by explaining the fate of the previous one, because having just watched the video I was wondering if maybe you had left that one behind.

  2. What a clever girl you are, so pretty. Simple, elegant and beautiful. I really do like it, creative minds are a good thing. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday’s Best!

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