How to grow bokchoy from it’s stem. From the scrap of store bought bokchoy. That’s so much bokchoy in one line, I feel like a good stir fry already! Hello and welcome to this space we keep pottering around with multiple things- sometimes super human space shuttles and sometimes simple things as to how to grow bokchoy from its stem and you can do this with any store bought variety.

I have now come to a point where gardening is more than a hobby to me. I don’t feel eeky shuffling the compost {No, it does not smell. Things smell when they are rotten} or taking out a few mushy leaves. Dirt under my nails suddenly beats a fancy manicure {though I love the massages that come with it} and everyday when I look at those plants growing I tell myself “Oh, what a beautiful world”. If my mother reads this, she will be really concerned thinking I have become a hippie. But honestly, I think we have come to that point where sustainable living is of prime. You don’t need to do large scale. Start small. But start.

Not so long ago I went shopping and picked up two bunch of Bokchoy and the rest is just Suburban Homestead. Hah, like if you don’t follow Suburban Homestead in youtube, do you even know how to use the tube-tube huh? I would give up a thousand episodes of How I met your mother to catch an episode of SH and I mean it. That dude, is awesome. And somewhere I remember seeing him {or someone else} growing bokchoy from its head {it’s head. The bokchoy’s head. Not the man’s} and I thought well, worth a try.

Guess what? WORKS. IN CAPS.

Here’s How to grow Bokchoy from it’s stem/head

Bokchoy is from the Celery family and practically regrows itself from its stalk or roots. All you need to do is cut out the leaves from the top leaving about 4″ stalk below. Fill a bowl with water {the level should reach half of the stalk} and place the stalk face up. Keep in partial shade for a week and your Bokchoy should start leafing. Once your bokchoy stem has started growing roots, you can repot it in soil! Simple stuff.

Make a dent in the soil, add the bokchoy plant {the soil should be till the cut ends} and then loosely cover it with soil. Don’t pack!

Do’s and Don’ts of How to grow bokchoy


Partial Shade is the key. If you keep it in direct sun, the water will evaporate quicker and there are chances it won’t leaf at all.

Change the water every two – three days. The water shouldn’t be cloudy or dirty

Well drained moist soil works best. When you pot it, make sure you are giving it a soil that has compost + peat + gravel


Do not over water or your Bokchoy root will start to decay and smell

Do not keep your Bokchoy root completely under soil. I have done this bit wrong and lost it once.

A monthly general compost dose will help any plant and this too! Buy organic compost from your nursery, those Neem packets that they sell are epic shit.

I’ll be back next Tuesday with some tomato and lavender updates. Till then, bask in the glory of being able to harness the entire power of universe in one single leaf.


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