Our kitchen is where our day starts from. Right from that cuppa joe and a subsequent heavenly smell wafting away from it to the minute we switch our lights off probably with a nightcap cupped tightly in our hands- the kitchen runs the house and it’s really no fun if a place you spend so much time on is dull, drab and doesn’t make you love every minute of your time in it!

For me, the kitchen is a creative hub. From failed recipes to cherished ones; from basking in the crackle of good pork to immersing my senses in the steam from a hot saucepan of cocoa. From collecting microgreens from the garden, sowing seeds and quickly referring to books by friends for a new twist in an old recipe- the kitchen is often where I find my bliss and I have realized over the years that it takes fairly little to turn your kitchen into that ultimate happy place. Yes, whether you stay on a rental or it’s your own home; whether you have budgets or no budgets at all! And do remember that it’s not a one day aesthetic uplift but rather a long term habit that’ll not only make your kitchen pretty but also make your life easier.

Here are 5 ways to make your kitchen the ultimate happy place

Invest in Good cookware

If your every essentials are good, your everyday kitchen will end up looking beautiful! And that is why I vouch for good cookware/serveware. I have replaced my regular pots and pans with Fujihoro enameled ones and they sit so pretty! But that’s not all. They also work like a horse. The casserole makes soups to Biryani, the pan with lid toggles from daal to popcorn and caramel and ofcourse I have another sauceplan which is specifically used for boiling. You can see my COOKWARE here and how I spruced my rental HERE

Organize the space underneath your kitchen sink

If you are the one to keep your dish washing essentials on the side of the kitchen sink, you may want to take a look at this. I think it works a lot better if you arrange your dishwashing essentials in a tray or a rack and organize underneath your kitchen sink because a) you wash up dishes only twice a day. b) It has no business hanging around your kitchen c) It’s good to have everything in a tray so you get everything at hand d) The podgy wet scrubbers dont crowd your sink area and keep it perpetually wet. Don’t think. Do this.

Hang stuff

From dish towels to colanders and ladles, you can pretty much hang everything to keep stuff at your eye level and it’s so convenient. If you do not want to drill holes, you can always use the 3M hooks and I use them in my kitchen too. Picked up a few from Miniso India and I love them! By the way, did you know the happy kitchen towel ratio? It’s 1:3

Haha, 1 person need 3 handtowels. One to wipe wet hands. One to wipe plates. The other to wipe the counter. If you club 1 & 2, you will be forever gruntle to touch that wet towel every other minute. Atleast I do. So separate.

Have a rack to hold chopping boards, Mortar & Pestle

Things that you need quickly need dedicated space. Arrange a rack with chopping boards, mortar & pestle and essentials. I also club this with my cook books, coffee, sugar and tea tins and spoon holders in a two tier rack.

Herbs + Top of fridge

Other than crowding your fridge top with things, clean it up and add a kitchen herb or two. They won’t just look pretty but also make your pastas taste better. I love celery as a plant! It’s sender long leaf gives so much dimension to fridge top and smoothies…like…love!

Clear jars for storage

If you keep your grains in an opaque jar, you are kind of doomed unless you are like super vigilant on what’s there and what’s not. Clear jars look good and give you an idea of how much of a thing is left so you can stock it up. Also, coming to stocking up, unless you have a huge pantry dont stock things for more than a month. Get things on demand. That way you free up a lot of storage. And once you buy and stock, you are under an untold compulsion to finish it. Don’t get yourself involved in those kinda things.

Get some flowers

A bunch of flowers in the kitchen not just cheer you up but also adds oodles of style to your kitchen. And it doesn’t have to be something expensive either. Go out, snip some bougainvilleas and there you have it! Your kitchen deserves some flowers. No?

Add good lighting

Now, I have been eyeing a light fixture for a while now, but this is what I mean when I say, cheer up your kitchen with a good light. A friend and a blogger I absolutely adore, Sarah’s home in Sydney is all kind of goals and this is her kitchen.

So there you have it! Simple & effective ways to get some love flowing through your kitchen and trust me when I tell you, you’ll love pottering around in here.

I was supposed to finish this early this morning, but thanks to facebook and the blasted instagram I ended up spending the whole friggin day chatting to a facebook rep. More about this on my instagram. If you are curious that is!

Off then!

Have a happy day!

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