Happy valentines day to you. And to me! And to all who have found love. Found and lost and loved again and believed in love. I mean how else does a hundred year old cup & saucer survive or lavender grow in Mumbai. How else does one justify a bouquet of basil flowers or an old tin pitcher that has rust on it. A diary you have never had the heart to write on, a pen you hold dear that has no ink or staring at a wall that has been freshly painted. Logic? Nah. Love.

I really don’t have much to write here today. With all the gaggy feeling that people have for this day {whether under or overdoing it} I think it’s amazing that love is acknowledged. No, not the diamonds and flowers and sales and rebate and one on one free. But the feeling of having dirt under your finger nails, kissing a sapling and begging it to grow, the warm sun on your face, your partner’s random jokes, your furry friend’s super demands and saving a piece of half eaten chocolate because you suddenly remembered your other half would like it too! Celebrate that.

That is valentines day to me. And I just wanted to wish you this.

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