This year, fall in love with your Rental and turn it to a home you’ll love to come home to. I know you don’t own it. And we have literally been conditioned to think that unless it’s a house that you have bought, it’s pointless doing anything because tomorrow you might just move. BUT, hear me out! The greatest thing you can practice for your own and everyone else’s betterment is being mindful and living in the present. And by that logic, what do you call home, NOW

What if you leave the place after 11 months? Well, then you have left it better than you found it. You will have passed on the great taste to someone else who might pass it on to someone in return. What if you get attached to it? Well, it happens but understand better things lie ahead. And what if your owner doesn’t allow you to do things? Well, first tell him if he/she doesn’t like it, you will leave the place the way you found it. And if you don’t want to do that there are always ways to work around it. Let not the near future intimidate you from living in a home that makes you feel happy, joyous and fall in love with it every single day. Why? Because a happy healed heart, heals other hearts!

Here are 7 things you can do to fall in love with your rental

No points for waiting

You want to colour that wall? Do it! Wallpaper? Yes please. When you have leased the house, do a quick mood board and get the things done. Because even if you leave after 11 months, you will have 11 months to enjoy a home you love. Ask your owner if he wants it when you move and he might pay you for it. Mine actually told me upfront she would! Even if she was kidding, I love that she acknowledges.

What have I done: I repainted portions myself, wallpapered the bath ceiling, wallpapered the kitchen and I am to paint one wall grey soon!

Living things add Life

Commit yourself to one living thing in your home and you’ll see how to tend that you become a home body! That feeling of family and warmth and love all come from things that breathe. Have time? Get a dog. Specially if you are lazy. He will make sure you take a walk with him. Or get a cat! They are incredible. Plus a pet is so good for your mental and physical health. But in case that’s too much to ask, get plants. They single handedly turn a house to a home. Also, if you have a black thumb, there are plants for that too! Who require nothing but a lullaby or two.

What have I done: You know most of it but I have a thriving kitchen garden, whole lot of cactus, and a few photos.

A cozy, comfortable bed

There is a reason why they say, the beds calling. Trust me, if you have a comfortable bed you will not only get good sleep but also yearn to come home and plonk yourself on it. Like, that alone is “home” in 6 ft by 8 ft. And home is where your kinda bed is. So go ace the bedding game.

What have I done: Created a bed that is hard to get out of. Oh, please have an alarm handy šŸ˜‰

Little romantic nooks which you can enjoy

Have a balcony? A set of chairs, a table cloth, and a bunch of flowers is all you’ll need to create a spot that you’ll really enjoy after a busy day! Do some reading in there, keep a diary to write your thoughts, take your breakfast or dinner outside and you see how you absolutely fall in love with your space.

What I have done: Well, just that! I also put a hammock once in a while and sleep

Get flowers

Store bought or just foraged, flowers maketh any place beautiful. I think everywhere I go, specially out of city, on our evening walk, I get home a bunch of flowers that I tuck in a glass and keep it beside my bed. It makes me feel like home. And they have this weird, funny, selfless way to cheer you up no matter what the heck your mood has been through. Like it’s almost like, ah, thank god there are flowers!

Bathroom bliss

The most peaceful time you’ll spend in your home in that in your bath and it takes very little to turn it into a cheerful place. Get a bathtub that can be dismantled and carried away with you, add a bit of wallpaper if you may, a good bathmat and plants also do the job well! Keep a rack of magazine, add a candle and woo the bath a little. See how it woos you back.

What have I done: All of the above. And you can see it here

Have a clean, functional kitchen

Nothing else calls it home than beautiful aromas wafting from your kitchen. Even if you are in a rental, have a clean, functional kitchen where you would not just cook but wear your masterchef hat on! Cooking is not your thing? Well, still makes for a clean, functional kitchen. A dirty, unorganized kitchen can not just repel you but also make your

What have I done: Well, you can see it all here

KeepĀ yourĀ favouriteĀ Tea/Coffe

Now this is a personal thing but I am telling you once you do this, your rental is baptized! It’s yours. And you will be all geared up to come home and have a cuppa. This will not just envelope you in a comfort zone but also save you those starbucks money. Since I got my coffee machine, I have never been to starbucks once. ONCE.

What have I done: Forever stocked with tea and coffee. Recently, loving Vadham teas which also happens to be Oprah Winfrey’s favourite. Ahem. Tried out Darjeeling Spring from the bouquet here {THANK YOU VADHAM TEAS! Best package I have ever opened this day} and it’s almost heaven in a cup. Growing up in the north of bengal {Darjeeling, Kurseong & Siliguri}, I had access to great teas and this took me back to our ritualistic tea sessions on the terrace of Margaret’s Hope tea house overlooking the cliff! Man, I miss Darjeeling but a good cuppa makes me feel at home!

Even if its a rental.

So go ahead, live the life you want because now is all you have. Trust me. To love and loving better.


3 thoughts on “Love your Rental, turn it into Home”

  1. Love love love this post. This is exactly what I needed to hear since Im moving in a new rental this week. Thankyou ā™„ļø

  2. I can totally relate to this …. we had been living in a rented apartment but we did everything that needed it to be a happy place. There was just one mantra … when we come back home from a tiring work schedule, we come back to something beautiful !!! Even if it is rental.
    My husband and I believed in making the most out of the present. Now we are blessed with a beautiful apartment of our own and we do exactly the same thing.


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