Beautiful planters that you’ll love to flaunt!

The topic of discussion is clear and if you like me, like a bit of extra something to your green arrangement, you’ll find this very handy. But then again, why am I talking about planters when I should be talking about all things festive?

Because you see, the transition of regular to festive is often facilitated by little things. Be it Diwali, Christmas, New-Year or just celebrating the season- it’s all really in the little things. And more often than not I have used the same green arrangement over the year with a quick change of planters keeping with the mood of the year and I have always won. Haha, hands down.

Like this plaid basket from Gruham for example. It’s actually a basket but I use it as a planter during the autumn season to add a bit of seasonal flair to my regular houseplants. I have used this citronella in a terracotta planter during the summer. During fall, I just popped it in the basket with a plate below and there you have it! A brilliant green arrangement that loos straight out of a magazine. Very plaid, very farmhouse-ey, rustic and brilliant!

Truth is, there is no such thing as purely festive decor. It’s a bit of this and a bit of that and that’s how you elevate the everyday into something cheerful and beautiful.

So today, I am rounding up few of my favourite planters that I think does justice to the gorgeous plants you have and also doubles up as your decor.

These galvanized planters on adorable foot

From succulents to Christmas tree- this galvanized planter for The Purple Turtles is a winner. I am ordering one for displaying our mini tree. Find here

This pretty pitcher planter that’ll remind you of French flea markets

I saw it, I bought it and I have stored it for summer to display my faux lavender! I’d generally say there is no need to buy if you already have but if you get this in stock, just buy it. Find Here

The Vintage Iron flower bucker for your cottage core dreams

Fill this with flowers and keep it atop your center table and you would have people staring at it. Lots of chrysanthemums or daisies. Or just eucalyptus. Something slender but in abundance. You could also pop in a rabbit fern or plain fern in it! This is the moodiest pitcher planter ever! Find here

These cute as a button figurine planters that are perfect for trailing plants

Shelves. Thats where they belong. With little trailing plants. Or, straight up cactus, on a tray with a few books on how to be sharp! I just can’t with these planters. Also, do you guys follow Susie made a thing? The figures remind me of her. Find here

These very regal Firdaus Blue planters

How beautiful are these planters? And how very regal! Planters like these need fluffy bushy plant to best highlight their structure but if you are into topiaries, a pair of these flanking the door will be beautiful! If you don a modern colonial home, these will add that much needed whimsy. Love it. Find here

Tango with Terrazzo

Terrazoooo, terrazzzaaaa, terazzuuuu terrazooo-oh oh! Hahaha, I love terrazzo everything and they look fly. From mid century modern decor to nordic, from Indian ethnic to farmhouse (find balance please) terrazzo looks so good and I particularly like round leafed plants on them. Like a nastartium! I don’t know why. I think the round leaves just kind of balance all those shapes or can be my head. Find here

This wooden planter that is great for any plant

Think daisies in summer and popping a small christmas tree in winter! On your center table or in your garden table! You can also use it for herbs! This is brilliance in simplicity! Find here

This crate planter with a lot of potential

Turn it into a herb box. Display flowers. Make it into a storage when not in use, grow your microgreens- a crate planter is sooooo versatile! and looks so organic and warm. I love crate planters and someday will have a few in our porch. Oh, that dream of a wrap around porch. Find here

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