I have been asked time and again to do festive table decor or Diwali table decor and I always, almost habitually, go for glassware. Pair lots of clear glass with simple ceramic and vintage mismatched quarter plates and interrupt the pellucid affair with whimsical, colored, mismatched tumblers. And I have come to believe that I either, probably don’t know how to do anything else, or I love it all so much that I simply think nothing can be better. I think its the latter but allow me to be modest.

Truly, there is nothing more graceful as good glassware and just placing them right is great festive table decor in its own right. The little glinting corners of cut glass, the soft glimmer from a ripple-ey tumbler or the beautiful shadows from colored glass- in unison, it’s a big visual party and that’s the kind of party I want to get drunk in.

See what I mean? If you could catch water and give it shape, it’ll probably look as ethereal as this. There is something magical about glass that just breathes life into any decor setting. I remember seeing the movie Sweet Home Alabama and for once considered packing up to Alabama and learn how to make sand glass. I kid you not! That reminds me, I must see that movie again!

Thankfully we have Glassforest here in India to whet our appetite for good glassware. I have sworn by their tumblers and candle votives since 2019 and believe me you, you will not find better. Absolutely beautiful work, great designs, a plethora of colors should you choose colored glass and gorgeous glass installations too but that is out of my budget. I can’t afford their installations. But whatever I could, I have gotten home! Come to mama pretties! Let’s make our own Alabama!

So allow me, today, to show you, our festive table decor and what I would do if I were entertaining friends and fam during Diwali and I hope you can pick up some useful ideas from this too.

Nuances of our festive table decor & how to get the look

A good tablecloth: This is the time to bring forth your best tablecloth! I don’t want this setting to look too formal so I moved a bit away from white and added a neutral linen instead. I like the wrinkles, I want it to look homey and cozy. If you really want your glassware to shine, stick with neutrals. Very dark shades seem to engulf clear glass.

Simple with a touch of vintage: Simple white plates with vintage mismatched quarter plates bring in all the whimsy. Want to get it a bit more formal? Use a dinner set.

Stemless wine glasses: For an informal setup, stemless wine glasses look brilliant. Doesn’t tower so there is plenty of facetime.

Colored tumblers for whimsy: Pick the most boring, make it whimsical and adorable. Match them or don’t, they look great + everyone knows what color their glass is.

Vintage glasses for port/beverage: If you notice, I have added a small glass with each wine glass. That’s for beverage. Or for port. Something you can carry from your table and head straight to the taash party.

Dessert bowls: Add dessert bowls on top of your quarter plates and you are done!

Cutlery and napkins: I generally keep them in a bunch in the center because remember you are doing a cozy, family party. People can pick up. But if you wish, you can certainly add cutlery to the side and napkin below the dessert bowl.

Large glass flower vase: For a simple table, you want something simple but a little large so the table looks dressy. This also adds height to your setup. I used our vase from Interflora and added chrysanthemums. Or shevanti.

Candles of varying heights: Use two type of candles- one slightly taller to match with the floral drama. The other set – tealights in sparkly votives near the base of the vase. So you have a bit of romance and a bit of soft table top glow to make your setup look shimmery!

And that’s it! Simple, easy and works every single time. No stress!

Want the look in your home? Here’s a shoppable image for you that’ll take you straight to the pages! Enjoy.

See you guys in a short while. Have a nice, long happy weekend.


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