Ganpati bappa morya. Mangal murti morya. You know good times are nigh when you hear this from every nook and corner. Little idols popping up everywhere, little children in their fanciest holding their mum’s hand and hopping pandals. Children have such bad taste in clothing and its so adorable. Suddenly, the same air feels festive and the burden on your shoulders- a little less. Neeta Tai would call us for prayers and arti and I’ll have more than 10 modaks, sitting on a chair in her balcony with loads of cousins. There will be baby atya and pratik who will call me mamiji. Hahaha, oh the comfort in familiar rituals and familiar faces doing familiar things.

And though I am not a religious person, yet I celebrate ganpati festival with fondness and love! The associations bring me joy. Like Marzipan from Siddhesh’s home on Christmas day. Like Arshad and Samruddhi’s happy face, meeting us for a few drinks on Eid.

Like absolutely splendid floral festive decorations

I love it. Seeing all those gorgeous flowers and decoration and tinsels and sparklers. It’s so festive and cheerful. I’m a visual creature so I adore it. All of it.

Now that the festive season is here, and you will be decorating the house, I thought of inspiring you with a few gorgeous backdrops that you can use from ganesh chaturthi to Diwali celebrations, of course with a bit of alterations in color and theme.

Our Pinterest Showstoppers today are all about backdrops!

How lovely will a backdrop like this be for your Ganpati decoration this year? I have often seen square backgrounds but a hoop will be a beautiful spin on it. via Pinterest
Keep it simple and classy! Use marigolds, roses or hibiscus strung in a garland. Oh, someone told me hibiscus is Lord Ganesha’s favorite flower. I love them. They call it Jaswandi in Maharashtra. via Pinterest
An OTT overhead floral arrangement will be such a modern spin on festive decoration. Make it in jasmine or fragrant madhumalti and we have a winner! Via Pinterest
If you want some quick diwali decor, a little floral mobile like this will be soooo nice! Add this to a wall, Keep tall pillar candles in glass votives below! I can already see the magic happening. Via Pinterest
Have a blank wall that could use some festive cheer? Try this! And you know who makes it? Mi_Ikigai! She does. Get in touch with her here. Via Pinterest

From your main gate to the entrance of your hall to a corner for photos in your living and ofcourse for making puja temple decoration. This is breathtaking! Via Pinterest

Want a simple rendition? Hang flowers from your light fixture or ceiling with transparent wires! Looks so dreamy and its so whimsical! Via Trumatter 🙂

Have fun with your festive decorations this year. It’s time to wow them all a bit!

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