Out of all the responses, in my instagram QnA yesterday, one question popped more frequently than others. Budget fall decor ideas and how to decorate your home for fall, when the pockets are not feeling too generous. Tell you what? I like this. This means you are genuinely interested to make your home look good. Surely you can walk in to the next shop and buy your heart out and overnight turn your home into an autumn paradise. But the fact that you are willing to learn, willing to DIY and sweat a bit is testimony to the fact that you are genuinely interested. And this rocks my boat. Always has.

2 things to consider before you deep dive into the world of budget fall decor ideas

First, the secret to adding fall flair to your home is also one of the most basic design principle. Look for the little things, the details. Change little things through out your home for a cohesive, beautiful fall home.

Second, please do not buy everything orange. Fall decor is not so much about the color orange as it is about that cozy, snug mood that this season brings with it. It is about abundance, harvest; about imbibing those deep, autumnal colors and creating an ambience that speaks of the season. So use the entire gamut of colors that fall throws at us. Light and dark browns, ochre, maroon, green-browns and grey-browns. Tie the palette together with lots of beige and off white. You’ll see how your fall home shines!

And now, to the topic.

Budget fall decor ideas that looks absolutely smashing

  1. Change your kitchen towels: A fresh set of fall inspired kitchen towels can very well- and almost instantly- add fall into your home. Look for plaid or buffalo checks in brown, rust and cream. You can also add a bit of navy if your kitchen colors allow it. #Tip: Not a huge fan of colors? Go neutral but get a fall print. Maple leaves, stripes or checkered towels in neutrals look great! Add in a pumpkin and some of your wooden chopping board to the mix.
2. Hang fall themed kitchen towels in your living room: If you have a wall hanger, style it up with wicker and fall themed kitchen towels. This looks specially good if you have an informal decor like mine. If you are not too fond of kitchen towels, you can hang a bunch of wheat sheaf.

3. Work the colors on your dining with faux and fresh fruits and veggies + Amber glass: Autumn is synonymous to abundance and you’d want to use that to your advantage. Group pumpkins, apple, pears along with a few recycled ale bottles. Add foliage and candles. Voila! The amber glasses are from Glass Forest. A part of their Juliette collection. The runner is from Studio Covers. I work closely with both of these brands so I use them frequently. Click on the links to see and buy.

4. a. Change your cushion covers: You can either do rust, cream and brown and make it cozy with a bit of tassel, knitted textile and unwashed linen. I have used one solid, one floral and one geometric pattern.
4.b. Or you could do blues, but warm blues. See this blog for a guide to choose and rock blues during fall

5. Make cute fall inspired vignettes: A bunch of fabric pumpkins on a cakestand + candles in varying sizes are all you’ll need to prep tabletop for fall. These are from The Gruham which they did last year. I love, love mini pumpkins and they truly are my mini-super efficient fall decor ammo.

6. The Barni trick: Got one of these pickle jars lying empty? Grab it. Now add a bunch of wheat sheaf or any dried flowers for an effortless, super gorgeous fall decor.
7. Add fall scented candles: Home is not just a visual thing. Its a sensory thing. A complete sensory thing. To add in fall in your home, in the truest of sense, add in fall candles and scents. And make sure to add them throughout the home.

In our next budget fall decor ideas series, we will corner cushions. Till then, go autumnify your home!

Goodmorning to all, from a beautiful day here in Mumbai.



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