Blue fall decor. Not something we commonly think of when doing fall. But truth is, it’s a fine digression from the warm tones we see at this time of the year. Specially when you are transitioning from summer to fall. Pair them with lots of white and galvanized tin decor or up the fall quotient by pairing them with a bit of rust and yellow. Blues look very moody when done right; and the only question you want to ask is, what kind of blue is the right blue for your blue fall decor?

I think I will have to trace my steps back here to this article where I wrote about warm blues. Both hot and cool shades have hot and cold undertones and it’s this temperature that makes all the difference. For fall, you’d want a bit of warm blue like denim, ocean and slate. It adds the right kind of moody punch to your fall decor.

I have used the coastal collection from Studio Covers – a brand I am very, very fond of and work closely with – to bring in a bit of cozy blue fall inspired decor in our bedroom. The new collection is all about beautiful warm blues- hues stolen from the ocean- and it is versatile enough to work in your fall or summer decor. You can check the entire collection in the link above and I hope it inspires you to try a new color this autumn. Alternatively, I will also add the links to the pieces I have used here.

Lights on or off, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I have used a combination of 4 styles, you can click on the link to go directly on the product page.

A country style, simple cotton checkered cushion in grey-blue

A pair of linen striped cushion that is beautifully understated and nautical

One quilted cushion in denim for some cozy texture

A small cushion in French ticking style stripe for depth

For our bed, I used the Coastal Love throw that takes its inspiration from the Cerulean blue waters of the Amalfi coast. This collection is yet to hit the store but working with SC has its perks you see. You can buy it here!

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