Diwali is almost here. And while I don’t do much in terms of traditional Indian decor (because we don’t have pooja or any of that in our home) I do however, truly inspired by the festival of lights, deck my home up with the many lights I have. From little twinkly fairy lights in our balcony to table top vignettes roping in hand crafted lanterns that come out specially during this time of the year. And ofcourse, there has to be tealights in every possible flat surface and hangable object- tealight holders that I have collected from over the years. Decor or not, those 3 days of Diwali I ensure that my home never runs out of that happy glow. There has to be light in every single corner and I won’t have it any other way.

And while my lighting ammo is diverse in looks, one thread runs common through all of them- they are all super cozy! From the sparkle and twinkle kind that makes you play hide and seek with the light to soft glimmery glow imparting ones; from simple iron contraptions to elaborate ones with handcrafted flowers- I bring them all out and I want them all to laugh and play! It is indeed a very happy affair.

So today, I have rounded up a collection of lanterns, tealight holders and fairy lights that are adorable to look at, simple in form, romantic in the way they cast their lights and all within your budget. There is still one month, so see if you resonate with these and want to grab them before the rush starts.

But, just remember, this is part of my job to tell you where to find great Diwali lights. You DON’T have to buy them if you have supplies already. Let this blog be a a guide and not a benchmark for great Diwali decor. You are cool. As is!

Diwali Lanterns

Diwali or not, these lanterns look so cozy and fabulous, and you can style them in and around your home through out the festive season! Love the vintage style glass of the iron lamp, the simplicity of the old school lanterns and the minimal, rustic vibes of the gavanized tin one!

From top left: Brass Lantern Vintage glass lantern Hurricane White Lantern Rustic metal lantern Turquoise filigree lantern

Diwali or festive fairy lights

I think there one thing in which can agree without much fuss. It is the fact that fairy lights look beautiful. From that ignored tree in a bar to a balcony that overlooks the city- fairy lights look gorgeous and here’re a few of my favourite. Links below.

Links: House Fairylight Bee Fairylight Garden lights Plumeria Fairylight Origami Fairylight

Cute as a button Tealight Holders

Little sparkly blobs of joy. That’s how I see tealights. And God knows I do love me some- specially if they are this cute. Stack a few books and keep one of them on top or create an arrangement by mixing and matching- tealights are to decor what cumin is to cooking. Unbeatable.

Links: Cork tealight holder House tealight holder Pumpkin tealight holder Minimal tealight holder Pearl tealight holder Lotus tealight holder

I have a few from the list and I absolutely adore it!

Also, if you do happen to buy anything from the list, do tell us! These are non-commissioned links and I earn nothing from it but it’ll give me a lot of joy to see you shine and twinkle under the cozy lights.

Off for coffee and later shoot and laterrrr some prime videos. Tata!

Happy Friday!

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