Finding good furniture is like finding Nemo. And in my stint as a home decor enthusiast and later a designer, I have learnt this the hard way! Unless you get furniture made, it’s all a bit of a compromise. But that was circa 2009- 2010. A fine time where one could spot me with a chair on my head, walking through the narrow lanes of behraumbaug, snaking away and trying to not knock someone with my being. While I have to admit that was fun, I am not sure at this age I would find the energy or the time to dedicate 2 entire days to finding furniture in the sweltering heat with a side of claustrophobia. Now that I think of it, those were not so good times!

But these are not those times. These are good times. Times when you can open a French design blog and look at a gorgeous whitewashed four poster bed and say to yourself, ‘oh, (what a wonderful world) I can get this for my new home”, with an air of nonchalance. Or look at that magazine where they featured island style and you’d be like, ‘oh, I want this chair for our porch’. These are times when all of this is possible thanks to a few good men and women who are keeping our furniture wishlist updated with beautiful global and Indian styles done to perfection.

So we don’t have to long and heave and cry for that wickedly beautiful wicker and ravishing rattan no more!

For me, one Freedom Tree is one such place & today I am sharing with you 16 of my hot favorites from their store.

By the way, in case you didn’t know Freedom Tree has all styles of furniture

From modern maximal and brushed gold and industrial to mid century modern; from Indian craft inspired furniture like their Sej collection to very farmhouse style pour poster beds replete with whitewash. A gamut of styles to choose from, each with fabric and furniture choices and they are all very meticulously made. I have a study chair, a plethora of cushions & ofcourse a few lamps and I love them to bits.

So without much further ado, here is my Freedom Tree Favorite Furniture list and I will group them under styles so it’s super easy for you to find them when you are looking for it! Ready? Off we go.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Clean lines, gentle curves and organic shapes define mid century modern, and these are a few of my favorite things here in Freedom Tree midcentury section. Take a look and you’ll know why this style is so popular. It’s both simple and elegant that makes it absolutely timeless – a quality you’ll often look for if you are looking for furniture that you can pass down to your children.




Modern Indian & Craft Inspired Furniture

An iconic chair that borrows its shape from the tradition Indian Diwan and melts me to a puddle with its gorgeous English contours. An exquisite sideboard that takes inspiration from the stunning Sej textile and expresses the nuances of the design through wood inlay. And an utterly beautiful sideboard from Freedom Tree’s Unbound range that’s rooted in tradition and yet free enough to look good in almost every setting- from ethnic to farmhouse!


Maximal & marvelous furniture

Not my style, hands down. But…if I ever were to do a maximal home, I will blindly choose these three things. Adore the single line art on the chest of drawers, the gold side and the cartograph side table. Asymmetrical, whimsical and glamorous all at the same time.


Easy Industrial Furniture

Industrial can pendulum from rustic and raw to easy and intriguing to outright garage glam. My Freedom Tree industrial favourites however sit in between the two- snug! And believe me you, it’d take a village to make me love something industrial and not one person from Freedom Tree team had to convince me.

I have had the opportunity to shoot the Swerve Live bed table and I can assure you that piece is alive! With all its gnarly knots and beautiful grains!

FIND LINKS HERE Pixel Metal & Marble Console Hexa Side Table Swerve Live Edge Dining Table

Tropical Furniture

If you like pinacoladaaaa… ah well! Maybe its time to stop reminiscing about great beach vacations and get the vibe indoors. The tropical furniture section of Freedom Tree is easy, breezy and all things rope which helps one mimic those perfect afternoons under a warm tropical sun replete with scents of the sea! Alright, who’s making the dranks?

P.S The Rush rope bench also makes for a lovely end of the bed addition!

FIND LINKS HERE Retro Rush Rope Bench Vasco Accent Chair Baga Grey Twin Seater

Do you know anout Freedom Tree? Or do you already own Freedom Tree pieces? Tell me about your fav piece. I am all ears.

Happy Friday!


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