Hi. My name is Rukmini and I am an undyed linen addict.

Haha. Well I can totally get away with saying that because I love undyed linen. Everything about it. It’s equal part comfy and cozy. It feels great against your skin. It seamlessly works all season with a little change in accent. The texture and depth it lends to a space is totally unparalleled. It washes crisp and dries soft and gets better with age. The cats love it. Undyed linen is truly all things positive. But, and with all that it does, we had to wait until 2019 to actually get our hands on few here in India. How odd right?

The whole thing was a torture. If you are an oldie in the blogosphere you’ll know how undyed linen for decades have been one of the major contributors of cozy in the home space, specially if you are a farmhouse decor enthusiast. To top, the Swedes weren’t making it any easy. Type hygge (major 2019 and 2020 trend) and you are suddenly swimming in a freshet of cozy photographs- scented with hot coffee and adorned with wrinkly unmade bed (drooling over the bedding at this point) of pure, undyed linen. There were signs everywhere but no signs of a place where I can empty my salary and say, “hey, take this. Give me that damn undyed linen”.

And you know what’s the worst part? The part that bugged me to the core? 9 out of 10 times these linens that we drool on are made in India. And we had no access to it!

Thankfully, and thanks to these brands, we now have beautiful neutral and undyed linen at our disposal. Neutral can be yarn dyed too, while undyed is linen at its most natural shade!

Let’s go.

Undyed linen bedding by Altrove

I first spoke to Shreya from Altrove last year and since then I have pretty much picked up every single thing from her store. Altrove is one of the first place where I personally saw affordable undyed linen of great quality and I was sure she somehow resonated with my feelings; that we don’t have access to good, global home linen. I have talked about Altrove in my instagram ever so often and the hype is real! You have to see it for yourself.

I have used Altrove’s undyed linen set for over a year now and I love it to bits. Find link here

Undyed linen bedding and robe by Saphed

Sometime around 2020, Saphed sent in a box full of goodies and it had an undyed linen table cloth. The table cloth was too big so off it went to my diwan. And that’s it. Fell in love. Could never recover. Since then, I have bought 4 undyed linen pillows, Saphed sent me one of their prettiest robes which I now wrap myself in and I am waiting for their flat sheets to come back in stock.

Their undyed linen is called Jameen and you can find it here

Neutral Linen cushion cover from Amazon

Now this, I am not too sure whether its dyed or it is undyed but sure does it look great! I have the same cushions in my home and they are beautiful. A little on the rough side but great nevertheless. Find here Amazon also has a plethora of home linen but unlike the above two, it may be a bit of hit or miss. But you never know! Nothing risked, nothing learned.

Pure Linen curtains by Thoppia

This one is yarn dyed but the beige-y grey pure linen totally checks our neutral loving heart. I have personally not used Thoppia but I hear they are nice. I will buy a piece and see. Find here

Undyed, woven linen throw by Altrove

Beautiful, woven, textured and well, from Altrove again! Rounding our blog to where it started, this throw is on its way to me and I cannot keep calm. Just cannot! This is also currently out of stock so sorry! However, do hit Altrove up for enquiries!

Alright. Time to get my derriere on the linens I have been talking about so long and get into my pajamas. I have a stocking to knit and 3 episodes of The Good Doctor to see and sleep early because early morning call!


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