After Sushi, Festive decor is perhaps the most polarized thing ever. Some love it. Whole heartedly. They go all out with ribbons of gold, and generous helping of red and strands of beautiful marigold wrapping up their homes. On the other hand, there are the likes of me who like nothing more than the subtle glint of a faraway sequin under a romantic 40 watt bulb! That gentle bump of acetylcholine reminding ever so gently that good times are here.

I also like festive decor that are all season. Because you see I don’t have the luxury of buying new things for every festival, every year. So whatever I choose has to endure. My ever changing home, the changing season and festival.

This list is for the ones who are like me.

A list of subtle, understated, elegant home decor products that are beautiful to be around, adds oodles of joy and are no less festive than a bunch of fuchsia! I have also tried to include a bit of handloom because one simply cannot celebrate Indian festive decor than celebrating the craftsmen who has truly given India its identity in the world.


1. Beige Tanchoi Cushion by Aadyam: Get in a bit of handloom in your home this festive season, and no handloom doesn’t translate to just Khadi. And just like everything handloom, this cushion is also above fad and trends and seasons. Do summer to winter, for years to come. Buy here

2. Leaping Rabbit pizza cutter by Micasa Collective: For most of us Diwali is friends, family, pizza and party! And what better way to bond than with a side of festive special! This is one of those things that you can pass on to your children! Buy here

3. Cheese Knife set by ToppBrass: Even if you do not win the hands in your Diwali taash party, you’ll win the entertaining bit hands down! It’s got mother-of-pearl, my moms favourite. Buy here

4. Little flower sheer curtain by Amberstitch: All the grace, all the simplicity, all the feels! During Diwali, I add a bit of sheer in our home simply because of the way the many lights in our balcony look through them. It also fills our home with the most dreamy light, cutting out the brightness but never the glow. Buy here

5. Paisely Lantern by Micasa Collective: If it didn’t have the vintage paisely glass, it wouldn’t have made this list. But it does and I am smitten! Buy here

6. Brass & Lotus incense holder: Add festive details all around. But have no one faint! Love this marble and brass incense holder that’s also pretty all season. Buy here

7. Gilded bee dinner plates by Home Center: We love all things bee (including ree the bee) and this had to make it to our festive list. Please don’t microwave. Buy here

8. Copper tapered candles: Beautiful in transparent votives or in holders, these copper dipped candles are a keeper. You also get them in gold and a mettalic blue I don’t quite like. Buy here

9. Tuberose & Eucalyptus as opposed to marigold and rose: Now this is more of a tip than a link to buy. If you are not too fond of the store bought roses and marigolds, opt for tuberose and eucalyptus. Smells like festival, looks elegant and fairly easy to find!

10. Tirun vase by ToppBrass: Love the shape, love that it can be a stand alone decor piece or a vase and love how it’s priced. With this brass, you cant go wrong. Buy here

11. A cozy pompom throw by EdyaHome: 100% handmade, with pops of rust, this throw will weave it all the shimmer and brass with threads of cozy and I love that! The fact that its so informal will bring it all down from uptight and prim to happy and approachable. Buy here

Here’s a little snippet of our Diwali festive decor last year

Pretty much practicing what I preach!

Anyway, I hope this blog was helpful to you and if you do buy anything from the list, do tag me! I love to see how you all do things. Off for some coffee.


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