A DIY knitted wreath which is equal parts chunky and cozy + a list of our favorite fall coffees. We are discussing these two things on our blog today and if I know you well, I know you will rather be no where else but here! So, yes, welcome to my neck of woods which is looking cozy and comfy already. Though I have not slept a wink last night and feel rather doozy but I think with another long black and no afternoon siesta, the routine should set itself. Our routine goes a bit haywire over weekends because series. Haha! Lots of it.

Anyway, coming back to our DIY knitted wreath, its the simplest thing ever. All you need is a good chunky wool- I needed 200 gram and a thick knitting needle- mine was 10. You take measurement of your wreath foam and knit a simple, long scarf like structure which you later encase the foam with! In any case, here’s what I did.

Buying List for DIY knitted wreath

200 grams thick yarn, 10 knitting needles, a 9″ foam ring or grape vine wreath. You can buy the same yarn here. You will also need an inch tape, a ribbon of your choice, 2 to 3 faux dry leaves and an ornament of your choice to hang.

How To make

Begin with 10 slip knots. Hahaha you can blast slipknot on TV too. It’ll (not) help. With a measuring tape, measure the foam length. You’d start from one point, go all the way and take note of the length where the measuring tape meets the starting point. You can also multiply the diameter x π for the circumference. The value of pie is 3.14

Then knit as many rows you’d need to reach the length. Mine was a 9″ diameter foam so the circumference was 28.26.

I knit till 25″ and then stretched the fabric. A little was stretched while sewing the ends too.

Once done, wrap it around the foam and close the ends- you can weave the two ends with wool and crochet or just with a thick needle.

You don’t need to close the seams on the inside. It’ll wrap naturally!

Next you can add embellishments as you want. I ran a brown ribbon through a glass pine cone and added it to the wreath. Then added two faux leaves on the side with little fevicol. You can keep it as is!

Also, I think wreaths look absolutely beautiful on mirrors. And on the main door. Knitted wreaths bring in all the cozy with them and I love them. During Christmas, I will take the brown leaves away and add fresh pine! Tada! Also, some white sprays for summer! The possibilities are endless!

Talking of possibility, what else can turn a simple day to a day full of possibilities than coffee eh?

Our favourite coffees this fall season!

I have sampled each one of them personally and man do I love them! The Shieldtail by K C Roasters is bright. With notes of Cocoa, Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut & Sweet Sunehari Apple Finish, its just fall in a cup! A great coffee to wake up to and I dedicate my autumn Sundays to this coffee.

Next is Attikan Estate by Blue Tokai. Sweet, fruity and with heady notes of toasted almonds and dark chocolate, I find this to be more of an evening coffee. A good shot or two at 4 and life is good no matter how many emails are there to be replied to.

Third, and well, I think most of you won’t agree with me, is Pumpkin Spice Latte. By Starbucks or homemade. That nutmeg and spice just does it for me. It’s ok. You can hate me too. Haha

Fourth and man, what a fourth this is, is Garo Hills, by SUBKO. This actually smells creamy (thought I could never get the pancake smell) and its soooooo good. This is just sheer indulgence. I like this with frothy milk and can probably have it all through the day. And you wonder why I don’t sleep a wink. Go back to the last line of the first paragraph!

Linking each image to their links, so you can buy directly!

Salut then! Go on, cozy yourself up. What’s stoppin’ you? I’ll see you here super soon with our bathroom post. Till then, have good coffee coz life’s truly too short to have anything else!


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