I love pedestals. They are great to style plants, seasonal decor, fruits and also works wonderfully as a storage stand for your bedside table. But unfortunately, in India, we do not get enough pedestals and even if we do, it burns a small hole in the pocket. Truth is, however, pedestals are very easy to make. The other day I was walking the lanes of Pinterest and found quite a few amazing DIY pedestals that are not just super easy to make but also comes in quite cheap. I think the trick is to see what closest you have handy to a pedestal and then assemble that. You can go quirky and do a cup and saucer version. You can use up old candlestands as I have and add a plate on top. Or you can use an icecream bowl as I have and add a metal tray on top. All of the above work!

So let me rephrase that first line. I love DIY pedestals

Here’s a step by step tutorial of how to make your own DIY pedestal

You’ll need: Silicon or hot glue, A base- cup, icecream cup with stand, candle stand whatever you prefer. Spray paint and a top- can be a plate or a tray.

First, clean the base and the top with a clean, dry cloth. Next add hot glue or silicon to the base and stick it on the base. Make sure you are sticking it in the center or you will have a pedestal that falls! Careful here.

Next, let it dry 5 minutes before you spray paint it.

Make sure you spray paint from a distance. This is done best if you do it in an open space. This ensures that the coating is even. Give it two, even, thin coats and dry it for 15 minutes. Ofcourse, drying time will be different for different places but if you spray paint it right 20 to 30 minutes tops and you are good to go.

Next, style it as you like as enjoy the fruit of your labour!


Love, Rukmini

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