At this time of the year I always seem to disappoint a few. My intentions are never to do so however, the fact that we don’t have The New-England ish fall here in Mumbai, and I celebrate it through home decor even so, gets to those chosen few. I have been called pretentious (Never use a lipstick because your lips are not that red) and its synonyms on many occasions. Earlier I would point them to the blogs where I have written extensively on the subtle nuances of autumn around us, now I laugh like a fool and agree. Because truth is, and mom told me so, never argue with stupid people. Plus on the other side of 35, you generally agree to 2 + 2 is 6 because you don’t give a f***.

At this time of the year, in retrospect & looking at the bright side, I also happen to make a few friends. Good people who like to celebrate everyday with DIY and decor and celebrate the bounty that autumn brings to us, topography no bar. And I am happy that this segment of people make me so happy; the feeling like a good amoeba engulfs all the bad vibe the former group gives.

Hence, at this time of the year I take out my faux pumpkins and place them everywhere around my house to celebrate fall. No stress!

Earlier, I would use real pumpkins but they are not the most viable option given our temperature. So, last year onwards I have turned to DIY faux pumpkins which I can use year after year (and continue to be the center-point of love and hate) and they’ve been working like a charm. Some are fabric, one option is made with clay and the last is a recent development – or should I say a recently acquired skill- knitted wool pumpkins! Super easy to make, super gorgeous to look at and oozes cozy wherever you place them!

Sharing all three in here so take your notepad out!

Here’s how to make these easy DIY faux pumpkins

Knitted Wool Pumpkins

Now, I have good news and I have great news. If you can knit, I am linking the video of Studio Knit from where I learnt how to do this. You really will need an afternoon from start to finish. And she gives such detailed instructions, I don’t want to start the wheel when the wheel is in motion already!

Link to knitted pumpkin video: CLICK HERE

But, if you cannot knit, KnoticalTreasures has knitted pumpkins for sale and they are absolutely gorgeous. Make that capital G. Here’s an image from her collection and here’s where to buy them

Old Sock Pumpkins!

Turn an old sock into a pretty little pumpkin. You will need old, thick socks. A pair of scissors, some microfiber or wool to fill and a needle and thread. I also added a brinjal or eggplant stalk to our sock pumpkins – just cut the stalk off when you cook, put it in the oven for 20 minutes in 220 C. Cool, and add to your pumpkin. Below is the video of how to make these simple DIY faux pumpkins

You can also follow us on instagram to see the video, and more videos like this!

Now, incase you are Edward Scissorhands and don’t know how to sew, TheGruham has beautiful fabric pumpkins (as you see in the image above) and can be bought! How cute are those fabric ones eh?

Here’s the link to buy them

Clay DIY faux pumpkins

Last year I made these air-drying clay pumpkins and they were a huge hit. Haha among those who love fall decor that is. Here is the video to the same and though a bit time consuming, it’s worth every bit! Nothing else gives you as much control as clay and I loved making them!

Also, if you are not a crafty person and would rather spend all this time watching netflix, you can buy beautiful glazed ceramic ones from Lidwin who shares her craft at CuriocityByLidwin. Just drop her a message! Here’s what she gifted me last year!

And if you are here, at this very line of our DIY faux pumpkins blog, it means you are now armed with all the info you need to either make your own or buy cute little pumpkins for your fall decor, and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

If you enjoy our blogs, do leave us a comment or two because it feels really good to know you were here!

All right pumpkins, later now!

Love, Rukmini

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  1. I love your blogs and you are the inspiration behind all my DIY. I thought God gave me 2 left hands but now I do try things even if I would fail

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