Woodtech by AsianPaints. Have you heard of it? No? Well, then you are in for a treat. Halloa from this crazy oven we are calling Mumbai and I am here to discuss a blueprint with y’all- of a bed that’s statement in its own right. In the process I will show you what I intend to do with this amazing teakwood bed that my mom-in-el passed on to me, with Woodtech by AsianPaints, and the colours, the stains, what I chose for the bed etc. Interested? Hop on in!

Woodtech By AsianPaints 2

I adore this bed. Right from its back rest to the Kim Kardashian arm rests- this bed is outright beautiful. Made of solid teakwood, this bed is also a sofa-cum-bed which turns into a sofa when in not in use. All these years it was in our bedroom but I intend to shift it to our living room {you know, some extra space for friends who passes out in bus stops and calls at 1? The ones who need a comfy place to crash into when the very brain has shut off on them. Or for some extra leg room to sip a beer and watch a movie} and get a smaller bed for our bedroom. This one’s a gigantic 6 by 8. We need a 5 by 7 and no more. Problem is, my living room wears white and the yellow stain on the teak will be a head on collision of 90’s with modern wannabe beach house bliss. Woodtech by AsianPaints had to intervene.

Colour PaletteBefore I tell you what’s going on in my mind with regards to stains and colour, let me just give you a quick heads up on Woodtech by AsianPaints: Woodtech is that arm of AsianPaints which helps one with wooden furniture literature and an entire ranges of premium wood finishes. From polyester colours that makes your wooden furniture shine like glass to premium stains that help bring out the best in your wooden furniture- Woodtech By AsianPaints is the range to pin to your sleeves.


Woodtech offers premium solvent based wood stains: Walnut, Rosewood, OakYellow, Teak, RedBrown and Charcoal. If I was a Noir fan, I would have definitely opted for Charcoal. Stains are translucent liquids which imparts shades to naked wood in an interior wooden surface. In Woodtech, they offer professional help and you can decide weighing the stains as to what works well for you. Thanks to AsianPaints for the amazing Kit I was sent which gave me a clear idea as to how the professionals work intricately with you to narrow down on a finish.

AsianPaints Woodtech PU Palette: The PU Palette is a range of luxury pigmented PU for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces. This is available in 150 shades including metallic ones. While at it, check out the RAL Colours which is AP’s brand new introduction to the Indian market, and its a palette which is carefully curated with Renner Italy. This Palette with its inbuilt endurance, rich texture, gloss and matte finishes combined with RAL colours offers great options to transform your spaces. While you will find soothing colours like RAL1013 Perlweib and RAL1014 Elfenbein; to satiate your pop self, you will also find quirky and bright neon shades likeRAL 2005 Leuchtorangr {a very neon orange} and RAL 6038 Leuchtgrun {the green-people’s neon green}.

P.S: PU itself is a wood finish whic provides superior gloss & reflection, resists cracking and doesn’t yellow easily.

Colour palette 2 Asian Paints Emporio Palette: Just so I might not miss, when considering opaque colours, do check out the Woodtech Emporio Palette: all colours in this palette can be easily reproduced by misixng a base paint called “converter” with a range of pastes {according to proportion whether by weight of volume} to create colours that suit the modern day desiger. You can choose a converter, turn it into a colour you like, add PU on top to achieve a super cool colour which is also chemical resistant. Yes, you can choose for matte or glossy! And now, to what I thought for my wee bed.


For now, it’s got a very yellow stain on it so I am going to sand that down. Next I am using CS007 {Whoa, Bond} Bianco Alpino which is a very cool yellow tinted white which looks like old white. Will distress it from the sides and use a matte PU. I am not a huge fan of gloss and I would love this bed to look chic and fabulous and highlight its pretty bones. Plus, with white I think the railings as backrest will look really cool. I can almost imagine how a couple of cool blue cushions would look resting on while rails: Ah! Sheer bliss that’ll spoil me.

By the way, Asianpaints has some amazing service and you can avail them at the Asianpaints Flagship store in Bandra, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata. For more information, visit their website or write to me. 

Now, to get this up and running and to meet the great professionals at Woodtech by AsianPaints. Might take time but atleast the blueprint’s sorted!

It’s very late at night in India now- I must sleep because startups require you to be agile 😉

Let me know what you think of the outcome, Tell me if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer it for you.

See yall! XO

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