Fab Life Blog Party is here! How have you been doing TM loyals? What’s cooking at your part of the world and how’s it going? As for me, I waited to aeons to start this party in here but quite never got around to. But better late than never yeah?

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Funny bit is I don’t know why I called it Fab Life blog party. Maybe my favorite blogger used to run a party called good life wednesdays once upon a moon or maybe because ultimately we will be celebrating the Fab Life after all in here. After all the toils and hard work, and hours of traffic and mopping and dettoling and cleaning, we deserve to show off the fruit of our labour and tell the world that beauty and creativity is still very much alive, and will be. Just thought Fab Life Blog Party was fitting!

Honestly though! For the longest time I dwindled between whether to start this blog party or not- chiefly because I wasn’t sure if people will come and grace the party. But you know what? Whether we have 5 people or 50, there shall be virtual champagne, seeing each other’s work, swooning and mooning on cute decor projects and every Thursday, we feature 1 amazing blogger whose project/recipe/design catches our attention! Pretty simple right? So, yeah…let your decor genie out, get in your pajamas or pinstripe: let’s hop in and have a blast! To fab life and a great party then.

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