Magicbricks x Trumatter = happy homes. Hello and welcome! How are you keeping in your neck of woods? Ah- your neck of woods. You see, this forms the very basis of this blog post. Staying in a rental for a little less than a decade now, I know what it means to have a good neck of woods to call your own, and to come home to a place which you can call yours and where you can breathe free is absolutely crucial.

Such terrible, terrible home hunting days I have seen: believe me you. Outright terrible! Precisely why perhaps- and being a long term user myself- I can take up the happy responsibility of introducing you to Magicbricks India’s No.1 property portal that helps you find homes hassle free! For people who follow me {and I know some of you stay alone} here’s a great solution to find homes without knocking a thousand doors.

Recently, I saw the new TVC they launched, and I couldn’t help but laugh out to the striking similarity between us- of me and the chipmunk- when I first started living on my own in Mumbai. I was sleeping but I wasn’t resting! The ad proceeds as a little guy befriends a chipmunk and tries to find his little bud a home. While most homes he finds the chippy are comfortable; none of them really felt like home to his little furry friend. That’s until the day his father (figure) helped him find a tiny hole in the tree- something a chipmunk would instinctively look for! Feet up, fur down- now that felt like home! Seriously, how hassle life would be if someone held us by our hands, took the effort to know us and helped us find an abode we can instantly relate to? Thanks to Magicbricks, no matter where you go you’ll find #MBwithyou Take a look, it’s adorable!

Believe me: coming from a girl who’d been a pendulum in between paying guest to paying guest, bed to bed and home to home- a guiding hand is very much welcome. The process was exhausting, tedious, arduous, thankless and one with a countless opportunities to scream “this is blasphemy”. But hey, who’s listening? Thank God someone heard.

Suddenly in this hideous home hunting convention entered a website that practically transmogrified the entire scenario of home hunting. I’ll be honest: I did a happy dance that day. With clever filters that helped you look at the exact number of rooms you are looking for, the area, whether you are looking for a home directly from owners or the kind of society you are looking at: Suddenly there was a freedom to live where I want and not where I have to.

Allow me to introduce you formally to this amazing place called Magicbricks who helps you to find not just a house, but one that’ll quickly become your home. With listings to rent and buy, you can now get property alerts, home loan solutions, property news, customer support and the vantage of exploring top localities near you.
If you are looking at buying and are undecided about the locality and area, you can always get property advice before you decide at Magicbricks. You can run a smart search for your budget, you can compare projects, localities and get an indepth knowledge, you can read about tax and seek legal advice, and also calculate home loan, ROI and your home worth later in the years.

Point being: Get online, don’t settle, search smart & live well! There’s #MBwithyou

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