Decor Influencer of the Year and Decor blogger of the year: What an absolute honor it is to win these two very coveted titles from Asian Paints and Social Samosa. I am absolutely floored by the love and I cannot thank each one of you enough for making this happen!

Back in 2009, when I started this blog, little did I know that I’ll go on to win the coveted title of Decor Influencer of the Year and Decor Blogger of the year among 357 bloggers who were nominated throughout India, and judged and ranked by the Sneha Ullal Goel, Managing Editor of Elle Decor, Ashish Goel, founder of popular decor company Urban Ladder and an ace marketer Anaagh Desai. It’s one of those rare days when I pat my own back and say, “Well done”. I am so honored that I barely have words to express. Ironical isn’t it that a blogger wouldn’t have words to express? But trust me, I am at a loss of words here. I really don’t know what to say save the words- Thank You!

Win1If you didn’t love Trumatter, didn’t read Trumatter none of this would have happened. If you did not put your trust in me, or looked beyond my decor rants and chose a colour/shade I advocated none of this would have happened. I mean I am just a simple decor blogger. It’s you who rooted for me, followed me, complimented me, read me and turned me into a decor influencer, and helped me win a title I never thought I’d win. I owe you all the world.

Apart from winning the two most prestigious award, I was also the first runner up in 5 categories namely Facebook decorista, Womens decor blog, decor instagrammer of the year, rising star and innovative decor blogger of the year. What a fabulous day it was to be recognized for I love doing. Here’s a snapshot of the final list of winners.

List of winners

2016 definitely started on a good note and I couldn’t wait to share this happy news with you all. I hope I live up to you this year as I have the last. To decor, DIY, budget and super-foofs. Let’s take this year down together- like the boss.



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