Wallpaper. Yes, the tattoo of your home. One that everyone ogles at but lets doubt stop them for experimenting with. I know. To add to its nefariousness is also the belief that once you wallpaper, you are stuck with it till you remove and repaint. Well that is also very true. But hear me out, who gave it in written that we must glue wallpapers to walls. Who is it? Bring that person to me. Because I can think of so many ways you can enjoy a good wallpaper without the fear of permanence!

AsianPaints kindly sent over a roll of their latest wallpaper- April Showers by Nilaya and I just had to use it. Dowsed in AP #ColourOfTheYear Intense Ocean and in relaxed, striated patterns that mimics water smudge on fresh ink, April Showers is a such a refreshing line. You know, there is something extremely childlike in this range. Somehow it evokes in me the simple pleasures of drawing water lines. Connecting the droplets to one big satisfying pool before mum would call me in! I love this.

So when I asked on instagram as to whether or not I should add, obviously the question of getting stuck popped up. And its a very valid point to be honest considering I stay on a rental. So after bombing a few ways to myself, the magic nail idea seemed the most viable. Haha, magic nail. Wherever on earth do I find these terms.

But trust me, magic nail will save you from
a. Spoiling the walls with glue
b. Will come super handy if you live on rental
c. The wallpaper will not look puffed like you want to make a parachute out of it
d. Won’t let you annoyingly live with it when you don’t want to
e. Can be easily sorted when you take it off with white putty

Wont save you from
Full wall coverage. This will work only for smaller add ons.

How to add Wallpaper headboard with magic nails

Haha, magic nails is a big hoax honestly. There is no such thing as this. Basically its adding tiny nails and adding them as you smooth the paper. It’s straight forward and simple. But there are a couple of things you need to do before you start.

Step 1: With a measuring tape, measure distance from your ceiling to where you would like to add the wallpaper. You would want a straight line. Ensure the nails are super tiny so when you pull them out, you could do with a tiny putty. Larger the nails, uglier it’ll look
Step 2: Have someone with you. You’d want someone to hold the wallpaper as you add in the nails
Step 3: As you would add wallpaper with glue- smoothing as you unroll the wallpaper, do the same with nails. Make sure you have no air pockets.
Step 4: A trick to smoothen it and see where it’s puffing. Add a nail in there.
Step 5: DO NOT add in nails to the rims first. This will not help. Add in from end and work your way to the other.
Step 6: Add the nails in where you have darker shades to the wallpaper. This will ensure that the nails aren’t visible.

And yes, that it is! Super simple DIY to add wallpaper sans the commitment. And now, for the awaited link section! I was flooded with DM on instagram regarding the products I have used, so this is it. You will find all links here:

Wallpaper, April Showers by Nilaya– Asian Paints: 10,500 for a roll
The wooden planter box is from amazon
The spool is by Meraki Cards
The terracotta pot is from the streets {no link here}
The wicker basket is from westside
Throws collected from travels


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