A Boho beach house with #bohemian influences manifested in rustic tones and whites, paired with biophilic inspirations. This year I am fearlessly challenging conventions and mixing styles to bring in my kind of comfort and informality because beach style doesn’t necessarily have to mean starfish stamped tea towels!

To be honest, I have no idea when I got over all those beautiful pastels and started adding in rustic details, loads of plants and natural materials in this tiny space I call home. But it happened. And now that it has, I feel I always belonged to a space like this. A place that screams comfort, is strictly informal and is a wonderful mix of patterns and textures- albeit in shades of white and neutral.

Now, don’t get me wrong. No matter what I do, it’ll always be coastal style for me. My love for light, airy, and breezy spaces will never quite die, and the love is quite alive and kicking. But over the years I’ve figured that it’s alright to not stick to a particular design convention. It is alright to blend in different styles to create a home that screams “you“. And that is probably how this Boho beach house style was born.

Those of you follow me on instagram know that I have been very smitten with designer Justina Blakeney and the #jungalowstyle lately. Her Bohemian style is a result of her many travels and her home is a boho paradise! If you have not seen or heard about the Jungalow, it’s high time you did. But that’s not the only reason why I absolutely love her. It’s also because of her design philosophy that appeals to me like no other. She says, “Creativity is key to having an amazing home” and that’s what our home should be. A blank canvas, constantly evolving without the shackles of defined conventions or parameters. Her book “The New Bohemians” really gave me that push to go ahead and mix styles and I am so glad I did.

Whenever I wanted to get in something, I used to ask myself, “will it go with my home?”. Oh, the point is, not will it. The point is how to make it work in my home.

I have combined biophilic inspirations in a boho beach house with bohemian influences in white and neutral- and I think the jumble looks pretty darn good.

So, whoa? will this be a coastal blog anymore? what kind of decor/style will my blog qualify into now? Well, of course coastal style but one that’s inspired by more by comfort and informalities and not by coastal design cliches. Think lots of layers with cotton, linen and sheers. Loads and loads of plants {I am a biophile and I just wont have it any other way}, count in warm or weathered, rustic wood, natural materials and a dominance of neutrals, with pops of brights when I feel like it. In short, free style coastal!

So lets get together and have a free style boho beach house, one that makes you feel comfortable immediately. And yes, before you ask me:
The white and green plant is Ficus Pumila Variegata
The one in black plater is hens and chicks- which is a succulent
The one on the right in terracotta planter is again a succulent known by the name- Sedum.
The crate is from amazon and its for 350 bucks. If you need the link, let me know in comments and I’ll send it to you.

Taking leave now and heading to score some tassels for this boho beach house bang in the middle of the city. And I sincerely hope you all like the shift as I much as I do. Boom shaka xo

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  1. Hey! I absolutely love the idea, could you please share the link of the crate and where you got these plants from?

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