Postcards are here! Yay! I always wanted to shoot my own bunch and I finally got around to do them. Super happy with the new set of prints from Vistaprints and the quality of it all. But you know, someone put in a very valid question in front of me. What will people do with postcards? Of course, in a digital age, who would take the trouble to buy and send cards eh? And while that was the whole idea- to bring in the charm of sending cute postcards- I have to tell you that I necessarily do not buy them just to give away. I find various use in them- from props and background to postcards as decor elements. I have quite a few of them strewn in my home and I thought I’ll show you all how to display postcards creatively in your home! Ready?

Here’s how to display postcards creatively in your home

String them and hang them by a mirror or a large wall art. Add in a few string of fairy lights and voila! A dreamy little setting is up and ready for your eyes, under no time and cost. Its fabulous how cute postcards can look if displayed creatively. I have also added a wee tassel below the string of postcards for some added oomph.


If you have a whole lot of postcards, you could string them like I have here and turn them into a curtain as well. Add in a few rounds of mirror or shells. I’m pretty kicked at the idea of it but I have a cat. You know what that means right?

Add postcards in a bowl

Simple stuff, but great impact! If you have vintage or good looking bowls that you have been keeping in your shelf for long- bring them out. Add in a few postcards and keep it in your coffee table for people to see. I use these vintage enamelware bowls I bought way back when in 2010 and they look so very good!


Use them as placecards that people can actually take home.

Frame your favourite postcards

One more way to use up your favourite postcards is to frame them. You could frame them in a meuseum mount as I have or make a collage and then frame them. Or you could take a large frame and have multiple mounts to showcase about 6 or 8 of them as its done in this photo.

Alternatively, you could add in running open shelves and stand your cards. They also look pretty, well, pretty!

Use them as wall art: Add chicken wire and add cards with wooden clothes pin as Kavya has

A girl after my heart, Kavya, from Streak Hue Fall, recently renovated her bedroom and I love how she used postcards as wall art. A bit of chicken wire in gold, some memories to fall back on and a bit of vintage wooden clothespin love. I am really all heart eyes on her postcard display. Also, ahem, that red bed table and the black and white pillow brings in a bit of Paris to her cheerful bedroom.

But then ofcourse, you can use postcards as props

Now this is for people like me. Who constantly shoots, loves collecting pretty stationery and are in constant need of background and elements as props. Tell you what? They make great prop. Pop them against an object you’d want to shoot or a food item, add them as background, add them in your flat lays or create colourful bokeh with cards and lights. Postcards are great as props and you’ll love using them in your photos.

And last but not the least, if you have some spare, send them to people who you think will appreciate. Now you know, it’s not just for giving away. The rest can just jam digitally- I have no business judging or converting! But personally, I’d love a postcard or two because you know old school yo!

Need to rush now. Work is calling. But if you think you are the postcard kind, give me a holler- say “I am postcard” in the comments section. Hahaha, or anything you please really. Will list the postcards in my shop this weekend.

Till then, Adieu.

P.S: Send me your prayers, this week I have an important appointment and if that happens, you all will love it.

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