I have always believed that good design should be made available to everyone. It should not be reserved just for the privileged because the ones who can really benefit from it are then kept away from having access to the same. And when I say “benefit”, I don’t just speak about good design, form and function. Rather, as John Cary-founding executive director of the Autodesk Impact Design Foundation- would put it, “It’s about dignity.”

Reading up his speech the other day on Metropolis, I couldn’t agree more with him when he says, “You see, dignity is something design can achieve in ways nothing else can. Dignity is a kid learning in a colorful classroom that makes him feel valued and piques his curiosity. Dignity is a cancer patient in a light-filled hospital room with lots of natural airflow to support her healing. Dignity is a community where the young and old alike have safe public spaces to mingle, celebrate, and play. Dignity is to the public interest design field what justice is to the more established field of public interest law. In the simplest of terms, for me it’s about knowing your intrinsic worth and seeing that worth reflected in the places you live and work, the products you use, and the systems and services you rely on.” And dignity is what we are constantly looking for, every single day, through design or otherwise.

With brands realizing the importance of bringing in great designs to mass, we are finally at a happy place. I have myself worked with a few brands lately who are bringing in global aesthetics to India and it fills me with much joy to be able to get my hands on a fantastic pieces sans the saving and shipping. That I can also have a piece that alluded me forever on Pinterest is a real joyful affair.

Clearly, super happy to see Dreamline, Future Group’s Home Fashion brand step up the home game with it’s first designer line “The India Circus Collection” in collaboration with designer Krsnaa Mehta. The India Circus collection will be available in all the Home departments of the Future Group like Big Bazaar and Big Bazaar GEN NXT, with prices starting from Rs. 499 to Rs. 2999.

Honestly, I am not a huge Krsnaa Mehta design fan because my personal design sensibilities are tilted towards a more neutral and beachy palette with a dollop of scandi minimalism. Krsnaa Mehta’s India and Heritage inspired colours and motifs are a bit too vibrant for me but the fact that the ace designer is absolutely fabulous in creating a design cult that truly defines modern India cannot be denied. And probably it’s this new, young, bold and vibrant face that Krsnaa Mehta gave to quintessential Indian designs is what sets India circus apart, garnering it a million fans all over the country. As a matter of fact I do know a whole lot of people who are completely Krsnaa Mehta fanatics and they are smiling heavily at this very point in time. I mean a piece of Mehta in Big Bazaar is certainly great freakin news and we are all for it!

The Dreamline India Circus collection will cater with a range of linen bed sheets, bed runners, cushion covers, chic dohars, towels, comforting chair pads and much more, and it’ll be fabulous to see how the designs manifest in numerous homes in the country- in its own style and charm.

If you have a big bazaar near you, it’ll be worth taking a walk and checking the beautiful designs for yourself. Go. Now!

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