IMG_1505Whats up and what’s going on with you. Unbelievable that Brazil would lose to Germany and with such a margin. I did not watch the match: I lost all interest in world cup since Spain went home. But I saw the outrage in socialmedia today: don’t even go near Brazil fans, and that includes my father. I can totally imagine him watching the match and commenting in his usual dignified voice about the downfall of great footwork. We have Argentina Vs Netherlands and I think I’ll go with Messi. I’ll watch that one match because I do not want Netherlands to win πŸ™‚ Rob Robben of his powers God, Rob that silly, talented extraordinary Robben of his super powers.

Regardless. While football was disappointing, the weather here is completely making up for it. We are head on into the monsoons and its been wonderful. No sun, no dust, there is green everywhere and a beautiful overcast sky: I’m so, so loving this. This arvo is particularly dark, the kind that makes you want to light a candle and drink a glass of red. The candle is question is what I am about to talk…

IMG_15021I love tins. Any kind, any type, any era. Specially ones that are rare to find. But in any case, Tins are extremely versatile. Use them as vase, pen stand, attach magnets and make them containers, turn them into planters: the possibilities are endless. Recently, I chanced upon this beautiful Tin candles and I was all oooh and aaaah. Sadly, the price (with shipping) was so high that I simply couldn’t justify. I cannot pay $163.12 for a set of 4 candles. I can afford, but I can’t pay. But if you can, here’s your best buy. These tins were so , so pretty: Look at their powder case like make and check out the scents. I died on the Mediterranean ilume πŸ™‚

Seeing that I will not be able to have one of those, I dug out some of my old tins and made a 2 wick candle myself! Ofcourse they do not have the perfect polish and is not lidded but for about 1$ they give me the look quite fine. Plus they said “oversize”. I don’t know how big they are gonna be and what I’ll end up with.

I had some spare birthday candles left from Rohan’s birthday and some floating candles with burnt wicks. I also had in my stash a few wickers- the ones you find in plain round small candles. I thought no more…


So this is how I made my Tin candle:

In a double boiler (or a similar set up) melt candle

Take a clean dry tin and place wickers. My tin was small and shallow so the length of the wicker was perfect. If you intend to do it in a tin that has some depth, simply tie a wick to a pencil and place it on top of the tin in a way that the wick is positioned in the center. Pour hot wax around it.

I didn’t have essence at home but you can put in a drop of essential oil to it. I wish I had something like lily-vanilla, or citronella or sea-breeze…but for now, this little tin can candle is seeming much dear to me.

How did you like?

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6 thoughts on “Two Wick Tin Candle DIY”

  1. I gotta say, I even like the like of your tins even more than the expensive ones… I’m just a recycle/upcycle kind of girl! I probably would even distress my sardine-tin a bit, because I’m also a shabby chic kind of girl πŸ˜€

    I remember that I created candles when I was a kid, just the way you did now. I should maybe start that again. One cannot have too much candles, right?!

    1. Totally, totally… I mean when was more candles any problem to anyone πŸ˜‰ If anything they are gorgeous. Thanks so much for the sweet words…you are darling. Go on and make them tins shine πŸ˜‰

  2. I decided that I have to try this one at least when I read the word ‘candles’. Seriously, is there anything else to make your mood lighten up than a aroma candle, with flickering flame?

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