DIY Wine Bottle LightsMorning guys! I hope its going good at yours?

I feel like I’ve eaten a piece of bad elk and the infection has reached my soul.

Life has not been so good lately. You know those times when you feel like you have made a huge mistake in disturbing the way things were and then wondering how to sort it: that’s how I have been feeling. And I have also come to conclude that once you leave an organization, its for the best. Considering it again will only remind you of the reasons you left it for! In addition, a friend very close to my heart broke my very heart into a million pieces with words that has already scarred me for life. Have you ever heard that Amy Winehouse song wherein she sings, “my tears dry on my own”? That is exactly how I felt when those words pierced like thousand poisoned arrows. I can assure you that one side of my heart will be forever blue, forever withered, forever bruised. As you can see, I needed some air and some light in my life 🙂

Lights 3

So, yesterday I cut some bottles off and made a rustic wine bottle chandelier for myself. The idea came from a friend who thought it would look really nice and I think the idea really worked. It is indeed a very cheerful light! Rohan thinks its too bright and probably needs lower bulbs but for now its going straight inside my heart and giving me a tight hug with all its warm fuzziness.

It’s funny how these things make me feel so good. I wish someone paid me for doing this: believe me that’d be my dream job. If only I was paid to create something like this, I wouldn’t have asked for anything else. Maybe I should beg at the outlets of Anthropologie and somehow find out a way to get noticed and hit a jackpot. Hahaha…I mean how else! Or take a big leap of faith and start my own venture. Something needs to be done. But for now, here’s the tutorial to your disposal.

DIY Rustic Wine Bottle Chandelier Tutorial


Step 1

Cut the base of your wine bottle. You can either buy a cutter or cut it with a string like I have.

Sand the base.

Step 2

Attach holders to wires. It’s fairly simple.

Step 3

Attach wire to holders and pull it through the wine bottles. (Pic 1)

Step 4

Tie the wires with a tape. Tie 6 wires into bunch of two for fixing to the mains. (pic 3)

Step 5

attach it to the mains. I called in my electrician to do this for me.

Step 6

Light up your world and forgive. All’s been written up there.


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10 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Wine Bottle Cluster Chandelier”

  1. I am sorry to read you are feeling low and hope that things quickly improve for you. Nurture yourself and really enjoy your creative endeavours. I have read a couple of good sayings lately from The Organised Housewife blog – “Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let It Go!” …..and ….”Be Happy, Be Bright, Be you!”
    Best wishes.

    1. Such a wonderful thought Sue. Yes, that’s what I am gonna do. Think about a brighter tomorrow and a good today. I am doing that and hopefully this will heal. Nothing hurts more than words… so ironic that you don’t have to touch anyone to almost kill them 🙂

  2. Whatever it is that is bothering you, let it go. I know it’s easier said than done, but at least we can try. As for the DIY, it’s again marvelous. Have you ever thought of putting up an Etsy shop? You’d do great there.

    1. I have let it go and I’m extremely happy that I have. Finally at peace 🙂 Honestly, i have thought of putting up an etsy and I think I do have a shop on Etsy but I never get time to list things 🙁

      1. If you haven’t, please do it as soon as you get time. I am quite a compulsive Etsy shopper and blogger and I can safely say that your shop would do great if you could just begin.

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