DIY Crate Bk Shelf 2Welcome to Trumatter. If you love picking up old crates- discarded crates, no-one-wants-me crying crates from the curb and shamelessly too- and re-purpose them into usable home furniture, you have, sir, come to the right place for some that kinda diy dope. While the husband and friend went to mud-bike in the rains, the girl went out, fell in love with a fruit crate and gave the poor old, thrown away thing some love: An act that got my name straight in, in the book of, “Furniture justice”. I do these things from time to time to get a karma check. And wait till I tell you that it costed me less than half a ‘dullah’ to have this awesomely cool rustic crate bookshelf.

I know. I can exaggerate a lot about these things.

But look at this!

DIY Crate Bk ShelfI love every bit of the grain and the color. I gave it one coat of dark stain and I am yet to give a coat of clear varnish but I’ll wait for the rains to get over for that step. A month at the max. Oh, what fun it was to see people staring at you in dismay as to what on Marlin’s name is wrong with this girl. I was perfectly dressed, carrying my rainbow umbrella, with earphones and all picking up stuff off trash can. In India, you don’t do these kinda things if you are from a well to do family. Apparently. The culture of reusing or repurposing is yet to seep in and you get strange looks- very strange looks- if you are seen doing something like this. Even more funny is the belief that what you pick up off the streets might be ominous. You know what? I mean yes, I have seen the haunting in Connecticut and all sorts of possessed dolls but I doubt someone will voodoo something as trivial as a fruit crate and leave it at the trash can where its only targets are street urchins whose life or fate it probably cannot alter for bad: its already heart-breakingly miserable. Nah, im safe 🙂

CrateThis is how I found it. Believe me, taking out those nails was the hardest part. They were rusty hard old nails and took me quite some time to get them out without breaking the wood. Gosh. The packing guy pretty much “nailed” it.

I sanded it off with a #120 because i gathered its soft wood. I would have loved to finish it with a 220 but I was impatient. if you are sanding, please dont avoid 220, it gives a smoother look.

Next, I walked up to my nearest hardware and invested 10 rupees in this:

Bookshelf nutsFinding the center, I attached the hook/ hanger.

If the screw doesn’t go in first, make a tiny hole by hammering a nail and then attach the screws.


Deck it up with your favorite things and enjoy. For me, I needed a place to keep my books and this is the most perfect DIY bookshelf ever!

It screams beach house, its rustic, its DIY, its cheap and most importantly, its handmade with love like everything else in this wee house. There are actually some things that money can never buy.

For now, Happiness is a DIY Re-purposed Crate Book Shelf

What do you think? Any additions?

DIY Crate Book Shelf

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6 thoughts on “Repurposed Crate Shelf DIY”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and I must admit, your sense of decor is excellent. I love your easy DIY tutorials.

    1. Haha, firstly, thanks 🙂 It always makes my day to get a comment or two like this. You are too kind. I am happy you are finding them useful Shweta…would love to see what you create, if you do. Thanks for those wonderful comments.

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