French Table DIY 4It’s all about a table and dreaming from under the table. A DIY vintage French-love-dowsed beachy little table that I am much lovin’ this morning as refuge: a cup of tea, a book, some wine later in the day and I’d be wanting nothing…Maybe I will, but I’ll restrict myself till I can go out and do that on my own. I’ve been having some hard times lately. Think of it as a time when you wake up from a long happy slumber and realize each of your dreams are dependent on one individual who may or may not have been comfortable sharing those wants, those dreams with you because the said person is indeed a different individual, something I might have completely overlooked over the years. What I kept thinking as ‘simple wants’ may have been an Atlas task and I have never really stopped and thought what will happen if someday that person refused to comply?



I’ll be crippled. I’ve been too dependent, too comfortable, too annoying perhaps even to realize that. I’ve am so ashamed, so extremely bewildered at my own lack of understanding and how I have wasted my years learning nothing but painting things white that I can barely talk. It’s almost funny.

I’m really too full for words. And coming thus far, I’ve realized that simple is probably not enough. I need to want more…

French Table DIYIn the coming weeks, I plan to do a lot of things that would perhaps help me consume my time a lot more productively, make me a bit more independent and free those around me to pursue their dreams. I could have spoken about it here but not until I’m really doing it. When I do, you all will  be the first to know.

And now I think its time for the DIY Vintage French Table tutorial. You are definitely not here to hear me rant. This post might even lose me a few followers 😛

Onto the table-

I printed this label from Graphics Fairy

CafeFrenchTypography-GraphicsFairy2smModge-podged the print side and placed it on the table face down.

Gave it a night to dry up.

Next, with very little water i rubbed the extra paper pulp off. This step needs to be done carefully: if you are too rough you might end up rubbing it off the wrong way. really, you might just end up rubbing the final layer too. So be gentle.

Once you have gotten the desired thickness of the pulp, brush a layer of modge-podge on it to secure it.

Unfortunately, I had to paint that ‘mission’ part because some benevolent gentleman kept his beer glass on it while it was still drying.

Spray paint your table top with clear laquer to bind.


French Table DIY 2What do you think?

This is where it is

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6 thoughts on “DIY Vintage French Cafe Table”

  1. Your frenchy table is so pretty, loving the red and white with the table. So what do I thing? Gorgeous, but then I never expected anything un-gorgious from you!

  2. The table is very pretty and I like the slight difference in the lettering where you had to paint. I think he did you a favour with the beer glass. LOL You won’t lose readers by telling some of the other things in life. If only life were as simple as decorating a table!

    1. Oh, he would love you forever for tellin’ that. Ah, well, I hope not and so true… if only life was as easy. I like variations but the ups and downs are getting a bit too much…so much so that I don’t bother justifying most things.

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