Well hello there! How have you been holding in your neck of woods? The temp is down, reds and whites have started to show and its feeling a loooot like Christmas in here! Back from delhi and a huge wedding, I am now in a recovery mode with some hot chocolate and London Pride {yeah, it pendulums from time to time 😉 } like always.

But unlike every year, I actually got around to make something for Christmas: an array of handmade lovely from Trumatter which I think you all will quite like. And when I tell you, you’ll like, I mean you’ll like. Why? because its whimsy meets shabby/rustic love with a bit of uniqueness thrown in. You have to take a look!

 Calling it “The Snowflake Series”, it’s beach inspired Christmas goodness which can be customized too! Take a look at the product line here. But just in case you are too lazy to migrate, here’s your dope!


Made from Vintage Crochet and plaster of paris, these votives are semi soft bowls that can be used to store collectibles and also be used as a votive. Keeping with my love for all things beach, this combines the delicateness of a snowflake and the shape of a sea-coral. Just about perfect to throw your Christmas Dinner in a beachy or Scandi setting!

Crochet Soft bowls with pearls


Candle stands can bite the dust! Add some cheer to your table with whimsical candle holders, handmade and painted with lots of love! Inspired by the structure of snowflakes, these come with custom messages for you to make your parties extra special and tailor made.

What’s more? You can double them as place-cards with tiny candles to jazz up that table. Made from plaster of paris, a set of these make for an ideal Christmas gift!

Candle Holders with POP


Christmas is remembrance. Christmas is love. Christmas is all about the little things that have shaped you, as you! Make place in your Christmas tree for those words of wisdom that have helped you see light at the end of tunnel. Words that put a smile on your face, words that have encouraged you to get up and do it.

Buy it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones with custom messages for them or from them specially painted on it: a present that’ll outdo anything store bought.

Christmas ornaments


Shine bright this Christmas and make it a lot more special with handmade and custom made tealight holders. made from plaster of paris, these tealight holders can be custom made to your choice of designs.

These can also be used as place-cards: To me, a few little golden pine cones and a ribbon, and kaboom! Say no to popular. Say yes to whimsy.Noel Candle Holder

So what do you all think? Grab worthy or no grab worthy?

P.S: Shipping charges will be levied.

So, yeah, waiting for my first sell or sell out and have yourself a wonderful Christmas!

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