Hello and morning and i hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving? For some reason I woke up at 5 and ┬ájust couldn’t fall asleep! Maybe it’s the excitement of new flowers and a visit with friends to Delhi or the new hammock! But whatever it is, I could feel the adrenalin-men partying, like yay, inside my veins at 5 and its 8:23 a.m here in Mumbai, and I am still as awake as a suspicious cat.

DSC_0003It so happens that a friend is getting married and I’m more than happy to take a break and enjoy a Punjabi Wedding for the first time in my life! Honestly, I have many punjabi friends but half of them are not married, some I know would probably never marry and I didn’t get a chance to attend the other half’s big day! Finally, a chance to enjoy something completely different! Expect Instagram spam with all things wedding and quintessentially Indian.


This is how 5 A.M looks in trumatterland! FYI.

9 already! Must rush and pack for 3 is when we all leave. I’ll see you all back in here on the 5th. Till then, have a fantastic weekend, give love and stay cool.



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