good morning and welcome to trumatterland, care for a cup of tea? Yes, we’ll sit in here, in this newly done up tiny apartment balcony, and gossip and discuss literature- maybe- and our French Lavender dreams? Share a few recipes for Christmas and talk about the hammock? I know you can’t say no. This is an ideal offer! But this balcony have been collecting dust for long. You’ll have to see it to believe it!


We had a balcony adjacent to our bedroom and it’s large enough to accommodate a 4 seater dining. It’s a great place to sit and reflect upon life, read a book or two and do some barbeque in the winters but by far, it existed as a big fat bag of possibilities. But i am not the one to blame really! Half of my decor plans are burnt-alive by the man in the house who thinks its impractical to do something as such. Decorating this balcony was one of them.

Since the time we moved in- which is 7 months from now or maybe 8- I have been wanting a hammock. You see, this apartment of ours is on the 9th floor which makes for a fantastic opportunity to laze around and judge the world {im only kidding here..i’m only a wee judgemental…okay, i’m sometimes very judgemental}, and i thought swing-ing is a good way to go about it šŸ˜‰ The wind lulls you to deep thoughts and you let your mind free, and for once your feet is not on the ground: this was the closest i could get to flying. But no! The man thinks its unnecessary. So, yeah, I am sure its unnecessary. I had to wait 7 months to convince him that it’s a great idea. Guess what? He is loving it. Moral: Don’t listen to men. They are not visionary in the food and decor sector like we are!


So last Monday when we went for a drive, I spotted these hanging on the side of the highway. They generally sell these on the highway here in Mumbai. I sort of impulsively asked him to stop the car and I think by some magical connection he understood that he won’t be able to say no this time. Looked for a couple of designs but settled for this one!

Bought this guy for 1800 INR which is close to what, $30? and can I tell you that I am glaaaaaaaddd. This is how it originally looked before I slipcovered it.


So how did slipcover the hammock?

Hung it at its place and threw an old bedsheet on it.

Tucked in the fabric, kept some extra length and tied the rest of theĀ length on the sides, in a knot.

Pushed in the sides down to make it look curvy on the sides.

Sewed a piece of vintage crochet as backrest and added anĀ Indian Cotton ‘Dupatta’ as throw.

What Did I look for when deciding on a throw?

It has to be light, breezy and act as an accent piece to the hammock. This pale pink cotton scarf/dupatta was perfect: note the little glittery golden rounds and the beads on top that shines and sparkles as the hammock moves when its breezy. Just a touch of gold or silver does wonder to a space. Just a touch of!

Got out my old, trusted stripey rug, a white coffee table and a couple of my favorite blue bottles.

So how does the palette look like?

Aqua, Pale pink, whites with a touch of red and gold with white being the predominant color.


Btw, I found this man browsing his phone sitting right on the hammock! I have a word for it: “Society”

You take care and keep flyin’

P.S: This post is dedicated to Reema Banerjee, with whom I have made countless plans on making a shabby chic English Garden. Reema, waiting for you šŸ™‚

P.S.S: Follow me on instagram for live updates from Delhi. There is a BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDING!


Roy XO


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