Hello happy-lets! How is it going, how’s your Christmas home shaping up and how excited are you this morning? Christmas is like what? 16 days away? That’s like 2 weeks and 2 day? Okay in this household it means 1 week. I feel like being the epicenter of a whirlwind of activities and of course with my hands in each single tornado fuelling element. In here, you start early homey if you really want to wake up on Christmas morning and sit under the tree.


Thanks to a couple of magazines- you can see the society feature here– Christmas came early this year in the Kadam household, and then just when I thought ‘okay, let these be, I’ll do the rest later, there’s plenty of time for Christmas’, R-Kreatives sent across a box full of quilled goodness and put me head on into Christmas!

Pink flake

Now, how can you resist putting them up! This tree is placed in a little terracotta pot and styled with silver! Lately i have been loving pinks. A touch of pink here and there just lifts it up, nice and shabbychic. I think I have quoted Rachel Ashwell on pink before- in fact I sure have-and I couldn’t agree more with her when she says, a touch of pink does not only lift spaces beautifully but also lends a calm/ serene feel. Yes, its not just blue!


Our day bed, in our living room was placed with just one objective in mind: A place to relax. I wouldn’t trade this for anything good looking and uncomfortable. And what’s Christmas, if not cuddling up, feeling comfortable and chatting away with your loved ones? Keeping with its purpose and the season, we’ve pulled in a little distressed wood palette, my trusty old blue bottles, French linen and a galvanized tin grain holder. Let’s make it inviting; warm and not just beautiful, yeah?


You know, I have never been a perfectionist. I do not like things prim and proper and they look absolutely machine made to me. I like things a little more chilled out, lived in and with some character of its own. Like this thrown away wooden palette. It means nothing to so many people but it means so much to me. Sitting here, you can look at the bridge and this tree

Gold and cream flakeThis is my first bunting ever and I am loving the look of it on my tree. These are little paper buntings but I think for our main tree this year, i’m gonna be making some fabric ones. Lately I have been obsessed with these. That’s again a bit of R-Kreatives quilling. Made in cream and gold, she’s priced them for as low as $2.5 (100 INR) and ships across India. Follow her page to get a hearty dose of quilling, quilled jewelry, gifts, ideas and more. Oh and by the way, this extreme talented individual is also my sister in law (in law- whatever in law means- like the law says she is my sister or something) and we all love her to bits. She’s quit her 9-5 job to give her entire attention to her baby girl and works out of her beautiful home office. Give her a follow!


Oh and btw, here’s the last tree in the living room: of course, more palettes, more French linen, more handmade lovely- this time from moi– and more dreamy whites. The main tree goes up today, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to give you a full room view 🙂

Here I am sipping tea as the husband chops veggies for lunch, counting my blessings. yes, now it feels like Christmas.



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