Hello and welcome! We are happily Christmas bound, we have a balcony thats getting ready with patio lights and a barbecue, the rooms have been cleaned and fluffed and my computer has decided to not open my website url. Thank God for smartphones! I can at least show u how our tree has shaped up


Yup..that would be our home. Our tree.

I don’t know if I should tell this but I am not cool with cutting trees down. When everyday of the month we are trying to support sustainable living and take ecofriendly measures why cut down those gorgeous trees! I’d rather stick to really good looking plastic ones which can be reused every year. The real plant, that u saw with buntings in the post earlier, is potted so it can grow every year. I know its how it is and its a happy thing and yet it could have been the blue bird’s home. Just a thought 🙂



The dining area!

My husband will have to eat dinners buffet style but that’s fine. The home should look stunning 😉


Plomping a few reds A bit of stripe some big tartan checks in holiday color and my fav tree! This is out main sitting. Yes its a day bed! I am sure you understand by now we love lazying!

That’s it for now..its a pain to blog from your phone! Leave a link to your Christmas home and I promise to check back!


Roy xo




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