Well, how do you do! Christmas is 2 days away, the times are looking cheery, I know many of you are sipping on a small, brandy while it snows outside, and planning on wrapping up; switching off; getaway- thought  it’d be a good time to stop by and say hello from the sunny coast! You know, just to send some sunshine or stir some jealousy 😉 Good plan?

The folks at Vespa and BlogAdda have been too kind to sponsor our weekend ride, this week, and we are full of happiness shooting it away along with some blue sea, blue sky, pretty boquets, and lilacs. This is a post that smells of holidays, getaways, sun on your back, joy of scootering and a good tan!

Vespa 5

It’s a wonderful day out here in Navi-Mumbai and we have been sun-decking by the backwaters all day long, talking music and life and how fortunate am I to spend a Monday like this. Honestly, I don’t know at what moment, lying down near a float with a matching Vespa {loved the coincidence} by our side, I went back 7 years; into a time when the sea was my only source of comfort. Troubled times those were with so much to figure out in life, so little money, so confused about interests and no place of your own. The sea waters and its soft lashes cleared my mind, reminding me that there is a world beyond making it and life is so much more than sitting in a cubicle, counting rows and columns in an excel sheet. Everytime the sea waters touched my feet, it took away a chunk of my worries it seemed, magically; turning me into a little girl, jumping with joy that the sea waters are touching my feet. Ol’ sea helped me so much in looking into the real happiness; I think I will be forever indebted to the sea. If only sharks didn’t live in the water, I would have preferred a wet death. But sharks live there.

Vespa 3{Digression Alert, Red beeps, blip…blip…}

Okay, so coming back…while relaxing with the husband, quite in love and in a happily married life, soaking the sun and relishing the chance to shoot a swoon worthy scooter in a beach-setting (a part of their campaign “Do You Vespa” that celebrates the ideology of individuality) I felt like I have completed a full circle. What a marvelous way to celebrate individuality. In such a setting, I decided to quit productions and write; in such a setting I started my own blog about that wannabe beach house; in such a setting they’ve asked me to lend my voice to their campaign that celebrates me and you, and the chances we take to stand as who we are, even if its against the crowd or societal norms. Yes, this was perfect.

Thankful to be able to personify individuality. Thankful to be not living like everyone else. Thankful for the little I have. Thankful to be able to chase my passion. I had to scoop the Vespa up!

Vespa 2

I’ll be honest, this is probably the first scooter that got me a little la la and gave me an itch to ride. Unlike many scooters, this one can take quite a beating with regards to gravelly roads, heavyweight and speed. Feels stable, feels confortable sitting as a pillion, nice little room below the seat to carry your shells and books and ofcourse that classic style: it’s got it going for it baby! But I am not a reviewer, I am a stylist. And as long it looks sinfully good, I am okay to oversee logic, mileage and everything else.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and I love joy. What a joyful weekend this was. Still a little hungover from all this complex, happy feelings.

You go chase your passion and have a wonderful Christmas.

Keep it sunny!

Roy XO


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