Goodmorning and welcome to this space I so love. We have a Christmas menu, two very easy┬árecipes, some bits and bobs of my Christmas life and lots of trumatter land ‘bakwas’ {rubbish}. But I know barring that last bit, you’ll love this post. This is ‘how to throw a Christmas Party without getting yourself killed’. Easy, peasy, super cheats and simplicity is grace┬ámake this menu an achievable one: the fridge and the oven do the job while you sit and sip on your beautiful pinot noir. Believe me, no one wants to look like a battered banana on Christmas day, even if the turkey is scrumptious. And I have had one too many haggy days!

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You know, I refuse to be out of the party even when I am in it. There were times I could barely catch what’s going on in my very old party: thanks to the numerous plates of entrees that needed frying and serving. I am a food lover, I love to feed people and I love to cook. But in the process of impressing people with my culinary skills, often I’d find myself standing near the stove, wiping beads off my forehead and questioning the very purpose of having a party. Last Sunday, I was at my in-laws- mum invited us for a lovely “vade-mutton” {crispy fried bread with mutton curry} and I hardly saw her at the table. We all sat, sipped on some whiskey and she sipped hers in the kitchen while feeding us. I know, its bliss to see people hog what you make but what’s the point if you are missing in your own party? You are supposed to have fun!

I came back, thought about the stuffed bird and stuff and cheesecakes I wrote down on a piece of paper and threw the whole thing in the bin. It had to b easy and delicious. period.

Christmas 1

It’s almost funny why I never really brought the easy Christmas recipes out in public: I think its because, to me they are so simple that they arent worthy of being a party dish. In my head, a party dish should be a stunner {yes, even if you have to wake up at 4 in the morning or sit late at night airing the bloody oven} Trust me when I tell you I have bought new plates and cutlery for a house party simply because I wanted it to be perfect. What a fool have I been! I have no idea where I got all those mrs. de la cure type, predetermined thoughts. And honestly, people will have fun anyway. Unless you feed them burnt and ash and sloppy and soggy. So why not do simple and delicious? After all its homecooking!

This time around, I have undone my doing and kept it silly simple so I don’t have to wipe beads off my forehead on Christmas day. It’s gonna be a great chicken dinner {in this case, lunch} and its gonna be ******* easy!

You might like to note these two recipes down if you are planning on a Christmas menu that’s simple and lets you wear your red lipstick with style. On Christmas day. Bang!


Easy Christmas Two Berry Trifle Recipe

Packaged cake: 1 package

Whipped Cream: 1 package

Vanilla custard: 1 package

Jelly (optional): I am skipping it

Strawberry: 1 cup/sliced


How to make easy Christmas Trifle

Slice cake and layer as the base in a glass bowl

make custard according to package instruction. Cool and pour on cake

Add layer of whipped cream

Add cut strawberries on top

Dust with icing sugar if you want

Chrostmas 2


Easy Gravy with Caramelized Onion

Drippings: 1 cup

Chicken stock: 2 cups

Onions: 1/2 cup sliced

Garlic: chopped: 3 cloves

Plain flour: 2 tbsp

Worcestershire Sauce: 2 teaspoon

butter: 1 tbsp

How to make gravy

If you are making roast chicken, you will fry garlic and onion in the pan and later deglaze the pan with chicken stock. Keep aside

In a pan, heat 1 tbsp of butter and add flour. Cook it until fragrant. You will not burn it or even give it a color. Look for a heavenly toasted smell.

Add the chicken stock, add salt pepper and worcestershire sauce.

Let it boil for a minute before you taste test. The taste should be mild, garlicy and subtly pungent. My mum puts a spoon of sugar…you can do that too to balance it out.

Serve hot.

You all enjoy okay!



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