Summer is here. Yes, it’s blistering hot but summer is here. I might just be a hippopotamus and never step out of the shower, but summer is here. I am doing a little happy dance at the moment, irrespective of being fully aware that soon I’ll huff and puff and crave for chilly blast from the aircon, because summer is here and I will have all the free flowers at my disposal! Bougainvillea, Yellow bells, firecrackers, occasional hydrangea, hibiscus, jasmine- Oh man!

You know, I am an ardent fan of local flowers. Firstly, there are so many varieties, shapes and colours: it makes for the perfect break from ubiquitous rose and gerbera. Trust me I cannot see another bunch of red rose unless there is romance {can be a book and cityline}, tub and champagne 😉 But seriously, no more rose for me. Secondly, they are FREE. That is a major draw. I would love a bunch of peonies but not if they are at 450 a piece.
My mediocre heart just cannot afford them. Maybe it can on very special occasions but not everyday. And I need flowers almost everyday, so do the math. Thirdly, nothing matches up to the pleasure of snipping summer flowers from the tree. No matter how much you shell out, you’ll never get that joy in store bought flowers, I can vouch for that.

So every summer I walk around with a scissor in my bag. Haha, no really I do. I make humble tuktuk drivers wait at the most inconvenient of places and snip flowers. Sometimes when I am feeling shameless, I also ask them to do it for me, which they very humbly oblige to. I think they hate me but atleast they don’t tell me anything. And as for me. I shamelessly get them home and create the most magical floral arrangement that scream summer.

How you ask? Oh, you know it’s difficult and requires years of expertise yada yada…haha. Honestly, I do nothing. When I snip flowers I make sure to keep the stems long and keep as many leaves as possible around the flower bunch. That’s it. That alone does the trick. But if you ask me narrow mouth clear glass vases and enamelware work really well when you are adding in long stems. Because the leaves add volume to the bouquet, it makes it appear really large and dramatic. You could snip a few leaves from the base of the stem to prevent rotting wet leaves inside the vase as I have done.

That’s it really! Nothing very complicated or anything, simple tricks to make Free summer flowers look awesome. Try it and tell me how it works with you yeah?

Tata xo

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