Oversized floral wallpapers and prints are trending, and they aren’t remotely reminiscent of your grandma’s bedroom. As a matter of fact they are quite the opposite when it comes to look and feel. Actually, let me just be outright and tell you they look gorgeous, modern and timeless- all at the same time! Larger than life motifs add oodles of drama and depth to your space, and I see great repeats of smaller prints as well!

It is so romantic. As a person I am not into floral motif per se but these makes me want to convert. There is something extremely enigmatic about these oversized floral patterns that makes you dream. It’ll e amazing to style with them! I mean imagine the possibilities it’ll open? From modern to rustic; from Scandi to Indian. From dark and sultry notes to light and flowy; from gorgeous patterns inspired by Victorian era to oriental gems: I am falling in love with oversized florals, their magic and what one can do with it.


So this arvo, I am rounding up a few gorgeous oversized floral wallpaper to inspire you. Also, this is my first piece outside my comfort area: which means writing about my own home, so I hope its okay. I started the design and interior section in my blog primarily to document my decor researches. But from emails and messages, I gather you’d love a bit of design dope too. So yeah, here we go!

Oversized Floral Wallpapers That’ll Take Your Breath Away

My heart’s in this kitchen. The oversized floral pattern not only creates interest in the kitchen but also binds the white cabinets so fashionably.

Called Lady Roxana, I am instantly taken to a quintessential British setting here. Brought to life by Rubellian Italian textile brand

My god the mood of it all. Crushing on this wallpaper by Ashley Woodson Bailey Called Dutch Love, this is how a happy mess of flowers look like. So much texture and depth that I can’t even…

Having to feature another called “The Hunt” from Ashley Woodson Bailey- a part of the design house’s inaugural collection, Hunt- irrespective of being floral- is so masculine. Dark, lush, full of vigour this wallpaper exhibits a beautiful painting like effect, and Im seeing study rooms.

And I have saved the best for last: on my list is this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous wallpaper that Mokkasin put on her walls from Mr.Perswall called blossom. A part of their nostalgic series, this wallpaper is super swoon. You can add it to my room and I wouldn’t ask a thing for one hundred years flat.

Anyone up for oversized floral wallpapers and prints? Hit me up.

12 thoughts on “Oversized Floral Wallpaper & Prints”

    1. I live on rent Shyama, dont know if my owner will allow. Though I have spoken to her ๐Ÿ˜‰ Soon you’ll see a bit of wallpaper in my home though it’ll not be floral.

  1. So beautiful …they are all floral but so different from each other…can be used for traditional decor or vintage shabby chic look or modern looks as well

    1. The main problem with patterned wallpapers is that it becomes trickier to layer other prints along with it.

    2. True that! I am contemplating a layer of wallpaper in my home too! But yes, like you said, the rest of the elements must be minimal.

  2. So I have chosen a floral wallpaper (cherry blossoms on wine red) as an accent wall, keeping the other three walls plain. What kinda decor ideas would you suggest? I wouldn’t wanna go over the top and ruin the flower power ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. floral wallpapers make a home to be beautiful and eye-catching, Keep updating more attractive floral prints and wallpapers, Thank You

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