Organic cotton. Think its much hyped? Of course the price of an organic cotton piece when compared to its mill made alternative is a rude shock. But are we really saving wisely by buying cheap cotton? I am generally a thrifty woman but not when it comes to my country’s farmers, my skin and my sleep. Precisely why, When Amouve promised pure, pesticide-free, super-soft organic cotton that is free of toxic chemicals, skin-irritants or even fabric finishes, you see, I had to try it!

I wasn’t home when Amouve’s colourado collection knocked my door. And yes, I never just blog without trying. I could tell you how fun it is with a set of stock photos but that’s not me. I will never write anything in here unless I have made myself the guinea pig. So yeah, coming back, I wasn’t home when it arrived. I was at work. But I got a text from my husband which read: “what are these pillows, they are so soft. I’m watching power drift, I am sleeping on them”. I wrote back saying, “It’s organic cotton.”. He is a man of few words but if he approves, believe me, the world will. And I couldn’t wait to go home and see it for myself.

Inference? The bedding was softer than I thought. I sank in it, crooned a happy song, my cat jumped up and it was all a big case of summer time and the living is easy. I tried the entire colourado range- pillows, duvets and bedsheet- for a night and I had the most amazing sleep ever. You know, since my anxiety and sleeplessness issues, I have started to appreciate a good night’s sleep and Amouve cuddled me and lulled me to the sleep of my dreams. But hey, I also need vitamin design to sleep well!

Inspired by the visual spectacle of the Red Mountains in Colourado, this bedding really takes off! And thanks to it being made with super-soft, organic cotton in a supple 300 TC Sateen weave, using eco-friendly, azo-free, skin-safe dyes that it gets to be a no compromise bedding!

Welcome to the design segment Amouve. You are an Indian brand that manufactures responsibly, diligently and meticulously and I love you.

There is no pretentiousness when Ami says, “I genuinely believe in the good of the Indian cotton farmer, most of whom are under tremendous debt and on a ‘GMO/pesticide treadmill’. Through Amouve, I want to reach to the customer who is open to the idea of soft sleep for herself and the benevolence of the farmer and environment.” When you use a bedding from Amouve the faith, the belief and the work reflect in the products. You know, there is a reason why the term “cotton soft” was coined. And Amouve’s organic cotton truly lives up to the expectation. From minialist, everyday classic to hand printed bedding- Amouve caters with designs that appeals to the discerning eye.

But I really wanted to know what Organic Cotton meant at Amouve

“When we say honest, we mean marketing what exists. From cotton farms that are pesticide-free atleast 3 years before the cotton is grown to the use of unbleached, chemical-free yarn and dyes in manufacturing to the fact that the workers are given due respect with adequate working hours to the correct usage of thread counts; Amouve products spell softness and genuineness like no other”, Ami fills me in over an email. Yes, just growing it organically is only job half done. The happiness of the growers manifests in that of the product and you can never get a happy product if the farmers are unhappy. Good begets good and it shows in Amouve’s fabric.

And what happens once it’s harvested? Well,”while the market is full of chemical-laden polyester and conventional cotton sheets, Amouve sheets are crafted using only pure, pesticide-free, super-soft organic cotton, free of toxic chemicals, skin-irritants or fabric finishes. It’s GOTS certification seals its genuineness, thereby making it the first-of-its-kind certified organic bedding brand to do so.” shares Ami.

You know what? I compared a few pillow cases that I had with the ones Ami had sent and they were no match. This is where Amouve aced:
1. They soft and not coarse.
2. You couldn’t feel the fabric, it was that satiny irrespective of being cotton
3. When I slept, it felt cool. I dont know why but it did.

And most importantly, it felt amazing.

But ofcourse, you’ll argue as to what happens when you use inorganic mixed cotton and polyester?

Our skin absorbs toxin through our skin — the largest organ in our body which they bypass through our liver, the organ responsible for removing toxins. Petrochemical fibers restrict and suffocate our skin by shuttinng down toxic release. The result? Skin rashes, nausea, fatigue, burning, itching, headaches, and difficulty breathing due to chemical sensitivity. Like you breathe, your skin needs to breathe too! So choose wisely.

Amouve’s Ranges and My picks

I love the ranges by Amouve. It’s cute darn classy for a 3 month old youngster and I love that. From their range of pillow covers, duvets. quilts and bedsheets, the colourado and the white bedspread in Everyday Luxury series are my favourite. Predictable right?

And you know, in case you still need a higher seal of approval as to how amazing their line is, here is a photo that Watson aka Shingi thinks will describe quite aptly his feelings towards Amouve. I asked him if he could kindly write a certificate but he says he is busy testing the fabric and day dreaming a bit. So for now, you’ll have to believe this photograph!

So coming back to the line in the first paragraph, why it organic cotton so expensive?

Because I thoroughly believe that good things demand time, and someone’s time demand respect in the form of proper work culture and remuneration. Secondly, when things have been made with such care they work beautifully for years.

Now compare: Would you rather wear/have fabric that’re drenched in tears and wears off after a few wash? Would you rather prefer little hands that have gone coarse and farmers in huge debt that compel them to kill themselves? Or would you rather use beautiful fabric that lasts wash after wash with a tiny bit more money? Choose wisely. I know a lot of you will have this nagging question {and you’ll DM me} so I addressed the elephant in the room right out.

And now, excuse us while we kiss the sky and go give Amouve a visit. You will love what you see.

Toodles XO

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