There is something about neutral homes that gets me like honey to bees. They exude so much character and depth. But neutral homes often stand the chance to look “bare and bland” if not done right. And let me tell you, the trick is in detailing which Cynthia Harper seems to have mastered like a pro. Her gorgeous neutral home oozes class, style and poise and it was particularly liberating to see how she mixed in several styles together without making her space look “too much”. It was just too tempting to not ask her to give us a sneak peek into her home and her style.

Say hello to Cynthia, from Harper And Arrow Marketplace who carefully curates beautiful vintage collectibles that fits right in your modern home. She is taking over this space this Monday morning and giving us some serious neutral decor goals. I’ll let her sweep you off to paradise, and this is how she does it!

A blend of different genres that are united by A cohesive neutral aesthetic

Tell us a little about your decorating style

My decorating style incorporates a blend of different genres that are united by a cohesive neutral aesthetic. I believe a home should be a reflection of the things that I love. And since I’m attracted to the unique beauty of several styles, I’m not afraid to mix them together in my home! I enjoy using vintage items and new items in my decor because I believe it creates an authentic home that is warm and inviting. I do lean toward toward a simple aesthetic with lightly layered objects.

You crush on neutrals. How can one get a neutral home: what are the essentials? What kind of furniture, accents, and fabric work?

When creating a neutral home, it’s important to mix in wooden elements as well. In a sea of white, black and gray, those wooden elements will add warmth to your home. So be sure to add some larger pieces of wooden furniture (a dresser or nightstand, for example), as well as smaller pieces of wooden decor (decorative bowls, cutting boards, planters, etc). When considering fabrics in a neutral home, I highly recommend selecting fabrics that have some texture. This will create visual interest and a softness to your neutral spaces.

Whether it’s a small choice like a paint color, or something much more important, I believe in listening to my gut instinct and making bold choices

You redid the wall of bedroom with charcoal. What initiated the change and why charcoal

I recently made a bold style choice and painted the wall of my bedroom an almost-black color! Believe it or not, it all started with a pair of signs I ordered from a shop called Hunt & Gather Goods. Those signs have a simple minimalist aesthetic, so I knew they’d really stand out against a bold wall color! And once I got that idea in my mind, I could not shake it. I just knew it was meant to come together that way! And I believe that the bold risks we take in life are the ones that really pay off. And whether it’s a small choice like a paint color, or something much more important, I believe in listening to my gut instinct and making bold choices, even if it is different than what most other people are doing!

Which is your favourite room in your homeļ¼Ÿ and why?

My favorite room at the moment is my kitchen which we renovated last year after much saving and planning and dreaming. I love that I had a vision of what that space could become and we worked hard to bring that vision to life! Every subway tile was put in place by the hands of my husband and father-in-law. Every stroke of paint on the cabinets was hand-brushed by my husband. My friend Jenny who does interior design helped us get the countertop and sink I’d been dreaming of. When I look around that room I am reminded of the people whose labor of love went into that project. And my heart is filled with gratitude.

Your favourite decor pieces

My favorite decor pieces are throw rugs. They are an easy and affordable way to change the feel of an entire space! And I love to layer them to create a cozy and authentic vibe.

When decorating with neutrals, its important to remember several things to ensure that your space remains interesting and visually appealing

How can one have a neutral home that’s gorgeous and not boring. What are the crucial points to consider

When decorating with neutrals, its important to remember several things to ensure that your space remains interesting and visually appealing. First of all, it is so important to incorporate natural elements of greenery. Whether your plants are real or faux, it is so important to add greenery to a space. This brings warmth and life to a neutral space! Secondly, be sure to incorporate texture. Texture is so important! For example, incorporate things like woven baskets, cable knit throw blankets, nubby linen pillow covers, etc. This will add visual interest that is pleasing to the eye, and will keep your neutral space from falling flat.

Tell us a bit about Cynthia Harper

A little bit about Cynthia Harper…I am a believer in dreaming big, working hard, and staying humble. My passion for interior styling began to blossom when I took a break from my career to stay home with my young children. During this time I’ve also discovered a love for incorporating vintage goods into our modern lifestyles, and from this passion my small business Harper & Arrow Marketplace was born. I love cherry coke, starry night skies, and kind people who pursue their passions with abandon!

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