30 Days On The Couch. Am I serious? Yes, I am. And no, I have not been tossed out out of my bedroom. Actually, maybe I was. For a while but not completely. On the contrary- and quite eagerly- I made myself the guinea pig in a review and spent an entire month on the Urbanladder Makati sofa. Meat first, faff later right? Verdict: I loved it! If you are looking at investing in a sofa that occupies very little space, is easy to handle and is super comfortable as a bed, you might want to consider this.

Those who know me, knows that I love my bed. God I do! But when dad fell sick, he had to bunk in with us- poor dad, he had a brain stroke and he needed hygge a lot more than I did at that point of time. So we shifted dad and mom to our room and we shifted in our living room. Thing is, when a house is customized for two it gets difficult when you have people over. But how does one have the comforts of having people over without making the home look like a mess? Yes, the obvious answer is a sofabed. But often sofa beds are not comfortable. 5 days and your body aches let alone spending 30 days on the couch! So how does one check comfort, size and style- without making a terrible bunker out of one’s apartment? This was a real life situation and the challenge was real!

You see, when you are reviewing stuff, you often end up feeling, “this is great”. We often review it for a couple of days in ideal situations. But in real life scenarios things are a bit different! There is work, there is sleep, there are people visiting which equals to need for a furniture that doubles hassle free. Plus, if something is cumbersome you wont like it after a few days, because you have to do it everyday. This was the perfect opportunity to REALLY test things out! So I wrote to Urban Ladder asking to review one of their sofas in a real life scenario. You know, Bear Grylling it out because someone has to.

30 Days on the couch: Requisites

So what did I need from my sofa bed?

1. I needed it to be fashionable. Cannot stand cheap velvet and will not tolerate
2. I needed it to be comfortable. Cannot compromise on comfort
3. I needed it to be compact. 550 sq. ft cant be filled with 1 humongous sofa
4. I needed the bed to be comfortable and not a compromise.
5. I needed the mechanism to be simple.

Can the Makati sofa bed do that? Because if it doesn’t I’ll have no calms too talk about it. And I have 30 days to judge this thoroughly.

What did my sofa bed offer?

1. It is not just good looking but mid century sexy. No velvet or ugly prints: The Makati Sofa Bed pairs great retro details with versatility
2. It was comfortable as a sofa, as a bed and also- AS A LOUNGER! The sofa can also be used with only the front folded out, as a lounger & that’s a bonus!
3. measuring only 43.4″ in length and 21″ in breadth it is as compact as it gets. Fits snuggly where my chair used to be.
4. The bed was super comfortable. In fact I had Samruddhi, a close friend try it once and she ended up buying it. People dont waste money on bad things.
5. The mechanism was super simple. It’s a simple 2 fold convertion where in the back reclines further- back rest has an internal click-clack mechanism to fold back fla- and the seat cushion folding out forward. Additional legs unfold from inside the body, to provide extra support in bed mode.

Clearly, 30 days on the couch was possible. Honestly, not just possible but loved and cherished.

My mom in law and I spent almost all the time on the sofa and we swore by it. No back aches, no sprains, no discomfort: it’s one sofa I can vouch for. And given a choice, I will “30 days on the couch” any given day! This time in green maybe! With a sofa like that, it’s luxury and not compromise!

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