I love farmhouse style. I love sea foam. And my love for study tables are pretty much never ending. No seriously! Out of all the tables in the world, a study and a good bedside table are two of my favorite furniture, and if I could I would have had them all! And I’ve been wanting a farmhouse style table for long now. But you see, in a 550 sq.ft rental apartment, you have to constantly nag and create an urgent need for “another piece of furniture”. Just needing it is instantly thwarted by residents. And I will break it to you that in my head, I had exactly the kind of table I wanted in a shade I wanted and the lamp I would want to set it off. It was too much of a clarity for a decor loving girl to not go out there and get it!

You know, since this study table bug bit me, I knew I had to have it in sea foam. I remember seeing Maria’s table from Dreamy white lifestyle, and since had fixated myself on the color. I knew I have to have a simple, farmhouse style, 4 legged beauty without much faff and veneer. It had to be 100% wood and preferably one that’s old and has seen life. So there I went to a lovely little discarded furniture shop and got it home. In an auto rickshaw with its head sticking out dangerously! Seriously, the things I do are not remotely normal. I am getting away with all this because I blog about it.

Here’s a before photograph of the table. I picked it up for 700 bucks from a shop in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai.

Farmhouse style table paint details

But before the details, what is farmhouse style? Originally farmhouse style was born our of necessity. Farmers and ranchers needed to live off the land and that explains the material choices. It also needed a lot of repurposing, recycling old furniture and everyday items so that’s where the timeworn, rustic, chipped look comes from. In short, farmhouse style is a decor style that celebrates the love for the land with simplicity and a DIY ethic. Think of a style that’s simple, rustic, unpretentious, welcoming and yet very gorgeous. What started as a necessity is now a conscious decor choice. And now, the table and paint deets.

So, to get the look, I sanded the table down with a fine grit and gave it 2 coats of Asian Paints Greensleeves. Out of all the pale greens in the Royale shade card, greensleeves appealed to me the most. I think it’s the oxide undertone to the pale green that made all the difference. Also, I used water based paint because it’s a life saver. Easy to apply, easy to wash off- I can’t think of working with oil paints to be honest. Try it, you’ll love it.

And this is how it looked after 2 coats of paint.
I did a series of insta-story on the makeover, so follow along on instagram if you want real time updates- from getting the table home to setting up a farmhouse style reading nook.
And if you are reluctant to follow- haha- I set the sea foam green table off with a vintage looking chrome lamp from amazon, a throw by pluchi and a monogram cushion. Paired it with a chippy beach chair which I picked up a gazillion years back from the lanes of Behrambaug.

And that’s how we got a sweet looking farmhouse style reading nook, all under 1200 rupees: 700 for table + 100 for auto + 360 paint + 40 labour 😛

Winner right? Crushing on the palette and the space right now.

Have a happy Friday night ladies and gentlemen. To books, coffee and John Mayer.
P.S: Tell me your weekend plans.


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