Two things.

First, I think great, organic textile is back. The demand of organic, handmade, ethical textile is on the rise and for all the good reasons. I am seeing a lot of cotton, linen and fleece and wool as opposed to polyester and synthetic materials.

Second, French inspired motifs and embroidery is definitely the talk of town in 2018. When on one side we have this whole Boho thing going on with suzani and moroccan. The other side definitely taking it with a pinch of Provencal lavender, satin stitches and French Knots.

And third, man look around you. It’s beautiful outside! The trees are throwing colours, the sky is the bluest blue, lighter shades are out to play, mom be making nimboo-paani {indian equivalent of lemonade} and we be blasting the aircon singing songs of summer! This is the season that makes you want to get that midweek cold Belgian wheat straight out of the tap and sit in the balcony with friends talking about summer cocktails, light salad, and lighter days. Or laze by the day bed, watch a good movie and have a cold cocktail while the fans are on at 5.

Days like these definitely call for summer vibin textile to hug onto, and we are totally jamming with these pretty embroidered cushions by ByAdab, brought to you by indulgeville.

Summer Linen be my thang

You know, summer to me is light linen or cotton. I love how they are breathable and feels like dream and comfort all bundled into one when you plunge on your bed/cushion. Every single textile choice in my home- whether expensive or cheap- is made with that one aspect in mind: That it needs to feel like a cold coffee on a hot summer day when I touch it, and we find these pillows oozing comfort with its texture, feel, colour and embroidery. Love, love, love how the double strand French knot gets incorporated on this one. That’s also one stitch I actually can do! {I am pathetic to be honest}

Now, that is also one great thing about Indulgeville. No one does pastels, classy offs and cream and comfort fabric {let alone summer linens} like Indulgeville does and I love their online store front. Go check them out. The price maybe slightly higher but the products will last forever.

How did I pair my summer linen

And now, to the most important part. How did I pair my summer linen. Oh well, it had to go on my bed, didn’t it? I paired them down with loads of white and natural wood tones in home- I am a beach loving grasshopper. But you could pair them up too with loads of solids or stripes from similar colour palette or a shade or two up from the embroidery colour. Paired it on my day bed too {just because} for some French country flair and it looked gorgeous!

More summer styles on the days to follow but for now, here’s some summer style for your summer vibin self ladies. Get your summer freak on!

Oh wait, three things actually!


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